Classes Streamed Live

Classes Streamed Live

Watch or listen to the live stream of Past-Life Therapy classes, held at the New World Teaching Center in
El Cajon, California, on Sundays & Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30 p.m.

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Founders of Unarius

Founders of Unarius

In 1954, Cosmic Visionaries
Ernest L. and Ruth E.
Norman established the
Unarius Educational
Foundation to provide a
higher spiritual understanding of life
for the betterment of humankind

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Spiritual and Psychic Growth


Humans are, by nature, psychic.

The study of the interdimensional principles quickens and enhances this psychic quality that lies stagnant or dormant within the Eartheans. Until one becomes aware of his or her inner or psychic self, they are functioning at only half-mast—still half-asleep with psychic amnesia!

People are born with great intelligence, for intelligence is a development. Of course, one brings through from the astral world, where he just lived and left, certain awarenesses, but if one is not gaining or adding, throughout their lifetime, new understanding and greater wisdom, then they are reverting. And it is far more easy to regress than to progress!

Enter with us into the search for the many lifetimes you have lived, and learn what it is to really awaken psychically. The search for your former abodes, friends, and self can be a most exciting, stimulating, and revealing education.


Want to read a mystery story?

Everyone loves a good mystery story, and a search of your past can prove to be the greatest mystery of all, and the most beneficial to you personally; in fact, also to your entire family, for all families have previously been karmically involved together.

If you have wondered why you hold such a resentment or dislike for someone, or why you periodically take on some minor physical problem? The answers lie in your own past, the former lifetimes you have lived on this or some other world.

All Eartheans have lived on other worlds in the past, and you shall do so again in the future. When you leave the physical body in so-called death, you will move on to another world, or if you have not progressed or improved yourself, you will bounce right back where you left off—on this hell world, Earth! Like it or not!

But there is a way to avoid repeating life on this veil of tears: Learn the Unarius cosmic or interdimensional principles that will condition and prepare you for a better life on a world which is a level or two higher than this one, where humankind lives as brothers in brotherly love! It is more than worth the effort in study and will furnish you with many interesting and exciting hours of learning—learning what life is all about; from whence you came; why you are here; and where you will go after leaving the physical body in so-called death.

If you are interested in learning the scientific, evolutionary, regenerative principle of life, the principle of cause and effect that proves that every problem—mental, physical, emotionial, or otherwise—you will find there has been a definite first cause, an experience in some past lifetime you have lived that is responsible!

If your answer here is affirmative, then indeed you are a ready soul, conditioned to where you should be able to conceive and gain greatly from this study. You should be able to leave behind old negative ties and blocks from the past, and move forward into a more positive future!


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