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Classes Streamed Live

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Founders of Unarius

Founders of Unarius

In 1954, Cosmic Visionaries
Ernest L. and Ruth E.
Norman established the
Unarius Educational
Foundation to provide a
higher spiritual understanding of life
for the betterment of humankind

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Oh, Sweet Mystery of Life

With all the recent news concerning homosexuality, sex change, etc., the following article by Dr. Norman brilliantly addresses these topics and their connection to reincarnation, karma, soulic evolution, and the spiritual body. Published in 1978 in the book Tempus Interludium, Vol. I, the article is timekess in its understanding of human behavior.

Oh, Sweet Mystery of Life
(On Lesbianism, Homosexuality, etc.)


During the past several years, considerable emphasis has been expressed on certain segments of human society which is called homosexual, heterosexual, lesbianism, etc., and apparently, as the emphasis has grown, so has the mystery of the why of these different sexual deviations. The mystery can be very easily solved in the context of our modern electrical physics, and anyone who understands the basic laws which underlie and control electrical energy can understand not only sexual deviations, but also any and all of the other so-called mysteries now currently confronting human society.


Long ago, Einstein proved that all mass is energy—complex electrical units called atoms—and he also proved the existence of adjacent dimensions which be called the fourth, fifth, sixth, etc. Like all other things on this earth, human beings are actually electrical energy. There are countless billions of atoms that comprise the body compounded as molecules, cells, etc. This body is controlled and regenerated by a second body called the psychic anatomy, which has, in the past, been referred to as the soul. This psychic anatomy is more properly a fourth-dimensional body; that is, it is composed of billions of small or larger waveforms of energy which revolve endlessly within themselves and again, according to Einstein, have merged time with space. Their starting and stopping place is within the circumference of their oscillating motions.


This psychic anatomy has been developed in its entire context from a number of lifetimes, a true understanding of reincarnation.  Starting as a very primitive savage, any human can and does, through scores or hundreds of lifetimes, develop this psychic anatomy as a conductive process in the concourse of everyday life. The daily life experience of any human is a two-way oscillating process between the psychic anatomy, the conscious mind, the control and reproduction of cells, and other life processes, etc.


During the course of this development of the psychic anatomy from life to life, it may gradually become polarized in either one or the other sexual gender; the degree of polarization varies in every human. Modern psychology says every human male or female is ten to forty percent of the opposite gender, now easily understood as a polarization derived from previous lifetimes.


At the moment of conception a dis-incarnate psychic anatomy, a human spirit (in a spirit world) attaches itself harmonically to the newly-forming fetus. This attachment is made possible by a certain harmonic compatibility that exists with the psychic anatomies of the parents; however, the newly attached psychic anatomy rarely has the determinant qualities necessary to determine the physical sex of the fetus and the future child. This physical sex determination is usually arrived at in the familiar genetical equation—the pairing off of their respective chromosomes and gene structures. That is why the newborn infant may physically be a male, but the psychic anatomy which engenders all life within the body may be female.


Now again, as consciousness in life is a two-way oscillating condition, the child is constantly, in this manner, making basic computer-like derivations in the present from past-lifetime experiences lived in other lives as a female. And although the child is physically male, he (or she) will, of course, be attracted to other males—hence, a homosexual, and conversely, the same is true in lesbianism. The amount of mix-up in sexual attitudes will depend very largely upon the amount of sexual polarity development that was attained in other previous lifetimes. Heterosexuality is also one of the many variations found in this situation.


The proposition of reincarnation from life to life and the embodiment of all human traits and characteristics in the psychic anatomy will also explain many other mysteries of life—mental retardation, genius, aptitudes in various arts and sciences, certain familiarities expressed by certain people to certain other people, countries or places—and there have been thousands of authentically recorded cases which undeniably link a respective person with a past lifetime. Thus, properly established, this reincarnation concept also explains why certain people become murderers, thieves; and other types of deviations, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and other so-called genetical defects more properly related to other lifetime experiences, psychic shocks, etc.; and a host of other derelictions and incurable diseases. Even cancer can be traced back to previous lifetime experiences which involved psychic shocks and which left their indelible oscillating-impression in the psychic anatomy to be regenerated as an "incurable" disease in the present. This principle will also explain the historical rise and fall of civilizations.


Most properly, then, the entire earth, the solar system, and the physical universe is an extension or plane surface of expression from the fourth, fifth and sixth-dimensional universes. As Jesus said, "In my Father's house are many mansions." And so again, all things must be properly reduced to their expressionary values, oscillating waveforms of energy instigated and propagated in a regenerative process from an adjacent and higher dimension.


Excerpted from Tempus Interludium, Vol. I, Chapter 4
by Ernest L Norman
© Copyright 1978 by Unarius Educational Foundation



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