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Classes Streamed Live

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Founders of Unarius

Founders of Unarius

In 1954, Cosmic Visionaries
Ernest L. and Ruth E.
Norman established the
Unarius Educational
Foundation to provide a
higher spiritual understanding of life
for the betterment of humankind

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boomerang effect




Ernest L. Norman



It has often been said, in metaphysical circles, that thoughts, emotions, and deeds often return to the sender; but the principle involved and contained in this truth has not been told. Since everything is energy in some frequency or rate of vibration (or dimension), then thus, too, are thoughts and emotions.


We can so liken our own mental mechanism to that of a radio or TV. Always necessary is the sending and receiving—the two poles or polarities, the positive and the negative. This can easily be proven by the numerous persons who understand and use thought transference, transmission, or so-called mind reading, as this transpires constantly whether or not individuals are thus aware. One individual is the sender or positive polarity, the second person, the receiver or the negative pole.


It has frequently been observed, by numerous persons, that when individuals send out a barrage of hostility, anger, jealousy, fear, or many other of the numerous negative thoughts and emotions, the one receiving them, or having these energies directed unto him, often becomes ill, and more frequent than not, quite suddenly, and in many different manifestations.


Ordinarily the person receiving this barrage of hostile, negative, and potent dynamic energy is attuned to the sender or is on the same wavelength or frequency; thus the result is the same as filling a dry sponge with water. The individual absorbs all this negativity and therefore becomes attuned, aligned with, and receptive to the conglomerate masses of negative influences, such as viruses, etc., which are ever-present, and so abundant and most bountiful in the cosmos about the earth, since they thrive on negation. There need be no time element before the receiver of this vile and negative energy manifests and takes its effect, becoming the originating cause of numerous and diverse illnesses and conditions of innumerable types, for these can take place instantly.


The frequently referred to "boomerang effect" takes place when the one to whom these negations (anger, hostility, fear, etc.) are directed, is not in this same frequency, or does not respond to the anger or negations, but can, instead, remain at peace, poised and calm on a positive and higher plane of consciousness. In this instance then, there is no target, so to speak, or reciprocating or receiving pole, or minus side of the polarity (+ & –). The sender then becomes the receiver, for this energy must travel somewhere, just as the action of the magnet.


Since the sender or the positive pole is the only particular negative frequency in this immediate locale or environment, thus the cycle or circle is formed, and the sender becomes also the receiver, or the negative receiving pole. Whatever the negation was, that which was projected and directed to another is attracted back unto its originating source; the cycle is formed and the sender becomes also the receiver, as there then is no other receptacle to which this negative energy may adhere, or with which it may become impinged or amassed.

This return to the transmitter activity takes place so long as the intended victim of this negative barrage remains absolutely positive and on a higher plane or vibrating frequency, since there is then no other receptacle unto which to be drawn or with which to be attracted. Thus the individual, storming in his fit of anger, cursing, or berating of another, becomes his own target, and all these negative, harmful energies flow back unto its originating source, as the individual is a perfect receiver, being in this identical vibrating frequency. Thus, the vicious circle goes round and round; the more negation is fed and discharged, the more is received by him. Before long this person becomes ill, as now he is in the exact frequency with literally countless billions of diseases, illnesses, viruses, and the innumerable negations that exist, adhere, thrive and multiply in the lower and astral dimension, which are unseen by the physical eye, but far more injurious and harmful than any imaginable thing that may be seen in the physical worlds.

So therefore, if you do not wish to become the victim of another's anger, rage, hostility, fears, and frustrations, remove the target! Rise quickly into a higher plane or dimension of consciousness; do not respond to the negative set in motion. Instead, direct thoughts of peace and love unto the one who is seemingly berating or belittling you, or one who is temporarily caught in this maelstrom of negation, which will be projected back unto its originating source if it is not neutralized or dissipated by good, strong, positive, healthy energies of love, light, and peace. This, a second individual can always do, and should do.

On and on this vicious cycle continues. Man feeds and nurtures the astral realms with his hostilities, resentments, fears, and negations; and in turn, mankind is influenced and affected by this ever-present negation, again reflecting back unto him more intensified, more potent and powerful after its constant regenerating and recharging, by adhering unto more and more of this monstrosity of evil. This is truly hell. The only possible overcoming of all this is the complete opposite. Man must start to live from his higher or god self, to endeavor to aid and help his brother when he appears to be weak, to project unto him the highest and most positive thoughts possible in these most trying times. Man needs to stand guard twenty-four hours each day at the doorway of his thoughts, to permit only that which is good, positive, and just to enter therein. This is what was meant by "turning of the other cheek" and "doeth a good deed for the evil."

When this truth has factually been driven home, no one would choose to be the originator of such, nor to be as the sending station, to become also the receiver of these numerous horrid and vicious negations. Were these true principles and facts practiced and used by even a small portion of humanity, the illnesses, the numerous physical and mental disorders, would soon diminish and disappear from the earth. For, then, instead of the cosmos being filled with vast and conglomerate maelstroms of negative vortexes of energy, whirling, vibrating, recharging and multiplying, and constantly intensifying themselves—being fed and nurtured by humanity's continuous negations—this negative multiplication and regeneration would not only lessen and slacken, but the positive and constructive energies could discharge and dissipate much of this vast negation and start to rebuild this cosmos and fill it with good, healthy, and positive energies with which mankind would then be influenced.

Thus then, will come the new age, your Golden Age of Spirituality, the millennium, and God within man will truly rule the earth.





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