Classes Streamed Live

Classes Streamed Live

Watch or listen to the live stream of Past-Life Therapy classes, held at the New World Teaching Center in
El Cajon, California, on Sundays & Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30 p.m.

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Founders of Unarius

Founders of Unarius

In 1954, Cosmic Visionaries
Ernest L. and Ruth E.
Norman established the
Unarius Educational
Foundation to provide a
higher spiritual understanding of life
for the betterment of humankind

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60th Anniversary of Unarius

Words of Appreciation

Ernest and Ruth NormanIn 1954, Ernest and Ruth Norman, overshadowed by archangels Raphiel and Uriel, established the Unarius Educational Foundation to provide a higher spiritual understanding of life for the betterment of humankind. In the past sixty years, thousands of people have been helped and healed through their studies of the Unarius Science of Life teachings. On the weekend of February 15 and 16, 2014, Unariuns celebrated the success of the Norman's mission with a “Tribute to Spirit.” Many students expressed their heartfelt words of appreciation for Unarius and their teachers.


*        *         *


“To me, Unarius is the flotation device that was thrown to me in the moment of my greatest need; it was the answer to all the questions I had asked up to that point, which I couldn’t find anywhere else, though I searched. The best part was that it didn’t solve all my problems for me, but instead gave me the principles I could use to unlock the labyrinth of my own mind and has empowered me with confidence to face the problems of tomorrow. All in all, to keep it short and sweet, my appreciation for this Science of Life is the appreciation a starving man has for food, and I couldn’t imagine what my life would have been without finding this science, which is Love in Action! “

Yours truly, Nicholas Sauer

*        *         *


“As you all may know, I’ve only been a student for a little over a year now, but the benefits and healing I have gotten with the help of the Unarius will last me the rest of my life, and help project me forward into my next life with the same positive reinforcement that I have now. I feel stronger, healthier, smarter, and infinitely happier than I did prior to being a student. I feel like my daily struggles are melting away, and I have a sort of vitality now that I didn’t have when I was younger. Every time I study the liturgies, participate in class with you all, or talk about Unarius with my friends or coworkers I feel a strong jolt of joy passing through me, like a light illuminating from within me, out of me. So my most heartfelt thanks to all of you at the Center, to the Unarius Brotherhood, and to Dr. Norman and Ruth Norman, and their higher selves, for keeping the Spirit of the Mission alive for all of us to participate and learn from. Happy Anniversary to everyone, and may the higher healing energies of the Infinite guide you with every step you take.”

Love, Guillermo Briceno

*        *         *

"Unarius is the Best!  I first came across the Unarius teachings about ten years ago in a used bookstore in Louisville, Kentucky. The book was Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation. I remember flipping through the book thinking this looks like some advanced information. I don’t recall seeing the picture of Ernest Norman at the beginning of the book, but that night, after purchasing the book, I had a very unforgettable dream about an old white man with white hair, sitting at a park bench, telling me the secrets of all of God’s infinite creation! I woke up amazed thinking about how great that dream was and wondering about its significance.


“It wasn’t until two days later, when I decided to start reading the book that I opened it and noticed the author, Ernest L. Norman, was the man I saw in my dreams. Ever since then Unarius has felt like home. Out of all the many spiritual teachings I have read, Unarius is the only one that has answered all my questions and helped to clear up my understanding of why it is important to remain positive.


“My studies have left me speechless . . . the love, transcendency, and joy that I have felt from reading books like the Conclave of Light Beings, by Ruth Norman, are hard to put into words. Sometimes I have had to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. But when the principles are applied, the results are always magnificent! Over and over again I have witnessed what many call miracles. Many times I would experience heaven on the inner, and then the next day I would read about it in the Conclave of Light Beings. I am thankful for those two beautiful souls that have sacrificed a lot so we could understand life, which before Unarius didn’t seem to make sense.”

Peace, Jerion Evans

*        *         *

When I need a lift, the Brothers are there.

When I need an answer, the Brothers are there.

When I look to know who I am, the Brothers are there.

When I fall, the Brothers are there.

When I grow in spirit, the Brothers are there.

When I think that I’m okay or I’m not okay, the Brothers are there.

When the day is bright or the day is dark, the Brothers are there.

When I found out the Brothers are always with me, I started to evolve in a greater way.

When I go to the next level, the Brothers will be there.

When I started to understand who the Brothers were, my life became anew.

When I live and when I die, the Brothers are there.          —Stephen Collins


*        *         *


“I would like to express my deepest appreciation for Unarius and its members. I feel that I’ve been following a pathway towards Unarius my whole life. I thought I would find answers in the convent of Poor Clares, the Second order of St Francis, a cloistered convent located in Aptos, California. I stayed there for five years, but knew they couldn’t satisfy my need in finding the answers to the meaning of life. Throughout the years, I visited most of the denominational churches, but they didn’t have any answers for me either.


“In the 1980s, one event stands out to me. While having my hair washed in preparation to be styled by an Asian woman, the face of an ancient Chinese sage with a beautiful, long, white beard and Chinese dress appeared to me. I remembered the absence of time and the experience seemed to last only seconds. I told the hairdresser about the vision I had and she looked at me as if she had seen a ghost. She left me sitting at the hair washing station until another hair stylist approached me and said she would cut my hair.


“Moving to Nevada after retirement, I was listening to one of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s video’s one day and she mentioned a book about the true life of Jesus. I started doing some research and found the book at I knew intuitively that Unarius had the answers, so I became a member and purchased the book. Thank you Raphiel and Uriel for drawing me closer to this long-awaited inner peace.“     —Celeste Barta


*        *         *


“Well, all I can say, I never had my butt so cosmically kicked and afterward was very thankful that it happened! So yes, I am grateful for these perpetual negative past-life relivings that keep me in a deflated attitude that I guess must be needed for my BIG ego-self. Yes, I definitely appreciate Unarius. It is like a love/hate relationship that I had with my beloved mother, and she loved me unconditionally and the relationship helped to develop me. So this is how I feel and relate to Unarius. I can handle it. If it isn’t kicking, I must be missing out on my over-coming, so keep on keeping on—I deserve it! The horrible misdeeds I have done in many past lifetimes need to be worked out, and the negative oscillations canceled, to start my healing process. Okay, I will take it and be thankful for these opportunities. “    —Rita Wright


*        *         *


“I want to express my deepest appreciation for the life-saving and soul-saving Unarius Mission, set up by Raphael and Uriel sixty years ago on this planet. Without the Love and Light extended to this planet from the highest frequency, I would have been lost, along with billions of others. The Mission is much larger than our one lowly planet, but the extra effort made for us renegades cordoned off on this planet has been the much-needed impetus to finally turn us around. I hope to always stay true to this highest of Love that can be given to us. The meaning that Unarius has had for me goes beyond words.

“One of my choirs today sang “My Special Angel,” and I can’t help thinking of the meaning this had between our founding Archangels, Raphael and Uriel. I feel evermore interest in what Unarius has to offer from the population as a whole. Let us keep moving forward and upward!”

My sincerest thanks, Dan Ritter

*        *         *


“Words can’t fully express my appreciation of how I feel about Unarius. Studying the Unarius principles and applying them in my daily life has helped me overcome problems that I was dealing with, including an illness I had battled for over a year. Since I started studying, I have grown in ways I never imagined I could.

“Unarius is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to progress along the ladder of progressive evolution. The more I learn, the more impressed I am. Every book, every class enlightens me.

“During class and while reading, I feel the advanced high-frequency energies of the Brothers, offering encouragement, light, and love; helping me understand what is being said during class, even if I get sidetracked and lose place on what is being said. I look forward to class every week and am grateful for the Internet making it possible for home-study students to attend.

“Unarius is a gift to anyone who chooses to open the package!”     —Jennifer Kobee


*        *         *


Unarius’ Sixty-Year Tribute to Spirit

Through age-old epochs of time and grace

We sought redemption, forgiveness through time and space.

Alas, sweet angel wings gently stroke each lilting teardrop

Strewn like dewdrops upon our tear-stained face.


From distant cries of throngs and weary wayfarers

Majestic heavens cleave open everywhere

With a fleet of archangel warriors brave and strong,

Who charge and forge through time and space

To lowly Earthean’s destined duality and evolution’s race.


We bow our heads in shame and grace

As brilliant Suns exude resplendent Light rays

Across the hemisphere, the sea, the land, the earth,

Their luminous shafts beam eternal, night and day

Upon our grateful, long awaited fate.


From out the fire and Phoenix ash

Rise in unison triumph spiritual success,

Once wayward souls, at last, at last we may progress.

The dream of a lifetime, a millennium, a million-year cycle

For an illumined path to freedom at last, at last.


How do we thank an angel fair

For the sweet breath of life extraordinaire?

Grateful for the greatest love story

Humankind will ever know

For honor and sacrifice selflessly bestowed.


We’re proud to know an archangel’s touch

Infinity’s love within, without,

Micro/macrocosm molecular source,

Energy in motion, Unarius’ motto “love in action”

Is the path to freedom,

At last, at last, free at last.


“Today I reflect upon reminiscing of days gone past when earth angel Uriel crossed our path. I remember waiting with elation and anticipation as she entered the room and glided across the front door threshold. Remember how we lined the front door with two rows of students waiting with baited breath for that moment when her magnificent beauty took our breath away and a symphonic melody rang in the air as we students sang along with the music, teary-eyed, and humbled.


“How I miss those days, I fear never again to be experienced in any third dimension. So I strive to evolve and move away from my darkened past so that I may once again see her in some glorious celestial dimension.”

Your little sister in Uriel’s great Light, Paula Rich-Greenwood


*        *         *


“Unarius has changed my life for the better in so many ways! Words cannot adequately describe how grateful I am that I found Unarius! I look forward to watching and listening to the video and audio streamed classes every Sunday and Wednesday night and always feel that I am in a higher state when I and listening and watching. I am very grateful for the opportunity to watch and listen to the live stream and hope to participate in classes in person someday soon. I really don’t know what I would do or where I be without Unarius.“     —Cindy Burchett


*        *         *


“I am so grateful for the infinite, selfless, unconditional love manifested in countless ways by the cofounders of Unarius and by our brothers and sisters on higher planes and on other physical worlds. Their embodiment of wisdom helps me see more clearly what is invisible to my physical eyes. Their soundless voices cut through the static noise of small-minded “experts,” to wordlessly convey timeless interdimensional principles that help me solve deep-rooted problems. Their high-frequency beams of light have illumined celestial realms that inspire my dreams of the future and actions in the present. Words are inadequate to express my appreciation.”   —Lani Calvert


*        *         *


“I feel so fortunate! I am filled with appreciation for Unarius. It has helped me so incredibly throughout my life. I love learning the concepts to apply to my life. It has helped in many facets of life—relationships, work, creativity, financial, and health—with now seeing that it has brought a deeper understanding of myself and what I need to work on. The high-frequency Love energies from Uriel and the Unariun Brotherhood continue the mission, and with every new awareness I can feel the consciousness of Uriel and the Unariun Brotherhood. I have experienced beautiful visions, dreams, and awarenesses.”


“Unarius has taught me to face my fears. Accepting the past is not easy, but the benefits are tremendous. When I first made the contact, I was super shy. It was easier for me to be quiet and not raise my hand. As time when I on, I felt the love of the spiritual brothers and sisters crack my hard shell to touch my mind with love and my heart with trust. Unarius has helped me become more confident and secure within myself, to look at my fellowman and woman with love, and to have hope for the future.


“As time passes, I see that people who contact Unarius, whether in the past, present or future, are changed for the better. It is wonderful to see the positive changes. Those who had the opportunity to meet Uriel and/or the Moderator in the physical were transformed to their better self. It is a joy to see Unarius go out to others as they experience their awakening either by the Internet or at expos, etc.


“I send a warm and heartfelt thank you, fellow students, for all you have done to make the streaming possible, keeping the Center maintained so beautifully, and making sure the teachings are preserved for present and future students so that the rest of the world can take part as well as myself!”

Sincerely, Jennifer Stovall

*        *         *


“Unarius is my reason for being. Without the Unarius science I would have been reabsorbed into the Infinite. Countless lifetimes of suicide, drugs, prostitution, destitution, and debauchery consumed me and I was on a trajectory to a permanent downward spiral. As a result of my cries for help, an archangel heard my woes and with great compassion and Love nurtured and nursed me back to health. Through the life-saving principles of past-life therapy and the greatest wisdom-teachings this planet has ever received, I was graced with new life and new purpose. I was honored to have sat at the feet of the Master, Uriel, once again, and this time to unconditionally love her as she has always loved me. I’ve been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—no, a-once-in-an-evolution opportunity to learn the self-healing tools and to utilize them to chisel away my dark past.


“Uriel extended the breath of life to me thirty-two years ago when I was suicidal and nearly died from a heart attack. I know without a doubt, with every fiber of my being, that I should have died on that day, September 18, 1982. And if I had, my soul would have been lost forever. Instead, a host of angels took charge and administered inter-dimensional CPR. Every night angels escorted me to Venusian hospital wards, and celestial doctors from Eros performed psychic surgery on my heart, day and night, and removed hordes of obsessions. When I first walked into the doors of Unarius in October 1982, I was at death’s door, trailed by a fleet of lower astral entities. I walked out of the lighted halls of Unarius freer, lighter, loved, and healed.


“I look forward to the new golden age and renaissance when every person on Earth will know and practice the Unarius principles. There will come a time in the distant future when everyone will exude love in action on Earth and its entire people will evolve and become a helping planet to lesser-developed planets. That will be a time with paradise on Earth and finally we will experience heaven on Earth—Earth’s positive future, just as Uriel promised: Earth’s future is positive.


“I thank the Unarius Brother/Sisterhood every day of my life, and I thank you the Light Workers ensuring the Master’s teachings will go out to the world as a life-saving peace mission, filled with wisdom, truth, honor, and love in action.”

In the Light of the Infinite, Paula Rich-Greenwood


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