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Unarius Goes to Hollywood—Again!

Sunday, September 4th, 2016

In May 2014, Unariuns went to Hollywood to participate in a three-day event, “Welcome, Space Brothers,” at the Cinefamily. It was a fantastic experience with screenings of Unarius films; live Q&A sessions and two workshops with Unariuns; and a display of Unarius artifacts, costumes, and photos on the back patio. Thanks to Jodi Wille, who hosted the “Welcome, Space Brothers” event, Unarius was invited back to Hollywood on August 21 to be part of the “Women of Cinefamily” weekend.

Photo Credits: Melissa Manning

Photo Credits: Melissa Manning

On the 21st, fourteen Unariuns traveled to The Standard Hotel, West Hollywood, to take part in “We Are Not Alone: The Films of Unarius.” This amazing event was presented by The FRONT, Cinefamily, and The Standard Hollywood, and hosted by Jodi Wille.  Celebrating Unarius’ creative legacy, then and now, the hotel lobby became a gallery for framed images from Unarius’ videos and films (displayed from July 20 to August 31).

Photo credits: Melissa Manning

Photo credits: Melissa Manning

The interactive glass box or “human aquarium,” behind the front desk in the hotel lobby, was filled with Unarius ephemera, books, and a monitor playing Unarius videos 24/7 to evoke the outer and inner-dimensional world of a Unariun student (portrayed by a live model), during Unarius’ peak creative years from 1975-1985.

On the 21st, the day’s events featured a Unarius creativity workshop; the release of 33 white doves out of the small spaceship atop the Space Cad; and “The Films of Unarius,” in the evening: including Jodi Wille’s new short film, We Are Not Alone; the Cinefamily mix-tape of great moments of Unariun cinema; and a sneak peek of the new high-definition transfer of The Arrival from the original 16 mm film.

Lani, Billie & Paula (standing, left to right) facilitating the Creative Workshop

Lani Calvert, Billie McIntyre, and Paula Greenwood co-facilitated the hands-on creativity workshop: “Develop Your Clairvoyant and Creative Potential: An Art Workshop for Everyone.The workshop was held in the hotel’s small conference room, and there was so much interest that a second workshop was added at the last minute to accommodate as many people as possible. Participants experienced a guided trip to Muse, an attunement to the Master Artists residing on this spiritual plane devoted to the arts, before deciding what medium they would use to create their own inspirational art project. You can watch a short video of the creativity workshop on Unarius’ YouTube channel and read an article in the LA Weekly about the writer’s experience of the workshop: “Can Anyone Be Clairvoyant? The Unariuns Think So”

Deborah with her collage

Deborah with her collage

A workshop attendee, Deborah Charles, posed with her collage after the workshop and commented that as an energy healer, she could really feel the energies,  the high frequencies coming through Billie who led the guided journey. She related: I especially enjoyed the guided meditation, opening up my visions and messages from my ancestors and the celestial beings, and then allowing me to translate [that] into my artwork. I look forward to visiting the center and expanding my horizons and knowledge.

Painting depicting the Healing Flames in the Conclave book

Painting depicting the Healing Flames in the Conclave book

Michael's painting

Michael’s painting

Another participant, Michael Lackner, posted this comment on Unarius’ Facebook page: The workshop was very helpful in unblocking creativity and was such fun. I wonder if others had my experience—in looking at their artwork later and seeing more than consciously met their eye at the moment of completion. Lani commented: We hoped that participants would be able to get a glimpse of the inner planes during the guided imagery at the beginning of the session, and Michael apparently did so. Check out his artwork compared to the painting depicting the three healing flames on the Inner from the Unarius book Conclave of Light Beings.

The Films of Unarius” event was free, but required an RSVP and hundreds of people signed up, with 200 actually attending! The films were shown on the expansive hotel pool deck, where a large projection screen was set up. The evening also featured a short Q&A with four Unariuns: Kevin Kennedy, Lani Calvert, Suzanne Farnsworth, and Jennifer Stovall.

Unariuns dressed in costume for Q&A

Unariuns dressed in costume for Q&A

The three ladies each wore one of Uriel’s dresses, including a dress Uriel wore for her role in The Arrival, and Kevin wore a men’s top from the costume room. The highlight of the evening was seeing the new high-definition version of The Arrival. The clarity of the picture and sound was so much better that we saw details and heard sounds that we never had before!

What’s next: You can see The Arrival in the new HD format at the 33rd Interplanetary Conclave of Light, “Creating Our Positive Future.”The sneak peak of The Arrival will happen on Saturday evening (10/8). Creativity Workshops will be offered at this event, too, on Sunday afternoon (10/9).


Unarius at The Horse Hospital in London

Monday, July 18th, 2016

The Horse Hospital

The Unarius Academy was honored to participate in The Horse Hospital’s Collective Intention Programme, showcasing Unariun films, costumes, artifacts, paintings, and photos, and introducing Unarius to many people for the first time. The Horse Hospital is a respected art venue, presenting underground and avante garde media since 1993; including the work of visionary artists Joe Coleman, Norbert Kox, and many others, and hosting musicians and personalities such as Donovan, Anita Pallenberg, and David Tibet.




The Exhibition

Jodi Wille curated the Unariun exhibition, working with several students to have it prepared and shipped ahead of the opening on June 17. Unariuns Kevin and Tracey Kennedy flew to London with Jodi, arriving a few days before the 17th to help with the setup of the month-long exhibition. Tracey commented: “I was so excited fly to London to have the opportunity to share Unarius in this way. Even more exciting was the receptivity of the people to what Unarius has to offer—Wow!”

Friday night, June 17, was the UK premier of Unarius’ super8 masterwork, A Visit to the Underground Cities of Mars (1977). Three people told Jodi they felt “high” after seeing the Mars film—they were not on any drugs or drunk but felt transcended. Two short films were shown before the feature film: Cinefamily’s mashup highlighting Unarius’ public access videos and Jodi Wille’s short, We Are Not Alone. After viewing the shorts, Jodi interviewed Kevin and Tracey about Unarius, filming, creativity, and more, and audience asked many insightful questions. You can view a short clip of the interview on Unarius’ YouTube channel.


Kevin & Tracey at the workshop

On Sunday, Kevin and Tracey led a workshop for artists: “Develop Your Clairvoyant and Creative Potential.” They were pleasantly surprised to have such a positive reception to the ideas and concepts presented. Kevin related: “During the workshop I looked out at the audience and one woman had a look of rolling her eyes. I didn’t know what to expect. After the workshop, she was so excited and complimented us on how much she got out of it and enjoyed participating.” Tai, from The Horse Hospital, participated in the workshop and really appreciated it. At the end she remarked, “Can Unarius take an atheist and a nihilist? I’m ready to sign up!”

Our opening sold out days before the event and according to what we’ve learned, the audience seemed to be filled with a who’s who of the London underground art and music scene. Jodi told us that her friends James Sclavunos, music producer and longtime drummer for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Victoria Yeates, who plays Sister Winifred in the TV series Call the Midwife and her friend Geno Carapetta, musician and drummer for the English rock band Gentlemen, were spotted in the audience.

Tracey,Tai, & Kevin

Tracey, Tai, and Kevin


Jodi Wille & Mark Pilkington, publisher of Strange Attractor books

Jodi Wille: “The Unariuns and I had an incredible time working with the immensely kind and generous people at The Horse Hospital. We met so many beautiful and brilliantly talented people in this community of artists, writers, performers, and other enthusiasts who are at the core of keeping London’s avant garde art scene alive and vital. Thank you and bless you, Roger Burton, Tai Shani, and Sholto, and so many new and old friends who welcomed us so warmly, for this experience of a lifetime.”

Sholto from The Horse Hospital: “I had a blast and enjoyed meeting you all. We’ve had loads of great responses to the show, most of them joyous and amazed!”


What’s next: The Standard Hotel, Hollywood will be presenting a “Welcome, Space Brothers” event on Sunday, August 21, featuring: a hands-on creativity workshop, a dove release from the Unarius Space Cad; and an evening of films under the stars. The hotel lobby has been transformed into an interactive Unarius art exhibition that will be on display through August.


Saturday, May 9th, 2015

SFIFF event listing

On May 2, several Unariuns traveled to San Francisco for the screening of The Arrival at the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF). The festival, running from April 23–May 7, featured over 200 films and live events, including: “Welcome, Space Brothers: The Films of the Unarius Academy of Science with Jodi Wille.”

Kevin Kennedy, Jack and Celeste Appel, and Jennifer Stovall took part in a Q&A after Jodi Wille introduced Unarius with a short slide show, followed by a Cinefamily mashup of the best-of-Unarius videos. The event concluded with The Arrival—screened in Blu-ray format for the first time. Tracey Kennedy videoed the Q&A, and you can watch highlights of the Q&A on YouTube.

The theatre was filled to capacity. Kevin was thrilled to hear a young woman sitting behind him say: “I drove over three hours to be able to see this movie on the big screen.” Here are more comments from Kevin and the other Unariuns who participated in the fantastic event:

“What a glorious and wonderful way to share the healing light and love that Unarius has brought to the world. Uriel told us over 35 years ago that these films and videos were the way that we would share the truth of Unarius with the world and now it’s coming to pass. It was a fantastic, light-filled event!”  —Kevin Kennedy

“Being part of the film festival was a wonderful experience. It was exciting to see Unarius moving forward and the principles in The Arrival being shown to so many new people. We were so well accepted by the staff at the film festival that I knew we had overcome the obstacles that have prevented us from being able to get Unarius known in a bigger way over the years.” Jack Appel

“It was fantastic seeing the audience appreciate The Arrival and hearing their comments afterward. The students who spoke on the panel were great representatives of how creativity and inspiration work when applying Unarius principles in one’s life.” Tracey Kennedy

“Each time The Arrival is shown you can see how the high energies uplift the audience, which is so awesome.  This was the premier of The Arrival in Blu-ray format and it looked the best ever. Thanks to Jodi and the the San Francisco Film Society for hosting this event.”  Celeste Appel

“During the event, I became more aware of how Uriel’s love projections to her students touched their lives and remain regenerative and eternal; the healings continue and are still applicable today. To see The Arrival again and share our experiences with this positive audience was very uplifting. Special thanks to Jodi Willie for her inner inspiration and the San Francisco Film Society to help make this happen!” Jennifer Stovall

A BIG thank you to Jodi Wille for making this happen. She had the idea to send a copy of The Arrival for review by the SFFS programmer, Sean Uyehara, after it premiered in May 2014 at The Cinefamily in Hollywood (Welcome, Space Brothers).

There was another contact made at the Cinefamily that resulted in The Arrival being shown at The Cube Cinema in Bristol, England last December (2014). This screening was part of a program curated by writer and film archivist Jack Stevenson, who had seen it at The Cinefamily. So who knows where The Arrival will be shown next, but we do know it’s just the beginning of many more opportunities for the love and light of the Unariun Brothers to be spread around the world.

61 Years of Love in Action

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Unarius, 61 Years of Love in Action

by Paula Rich-Greenwood


Sixty-one years,

sixty-one millennia,

and for sixty-one million years,

earthbound souls sought the key to freedom.

Since time ever lasting,

seems forever we searched for True Love,

we searched the byways, the star ways, and infinite highways.

True Love always alluded us when we traversed the lowly ways

in darkened doorways and fiery hell days.


Desolate soul calls reverberated through our beings

and a million souls resounded thunderings

as voices in unison with tear-stained faces

and eyes upturned toward heaven’s graces.

Who shall heed our cries?

And see our upturned eyes?

To answer our quest for mercy’s test,

we championed duality with our Best.

When True Love touches our heart,

tis then, we are no longer apart.


The key to freedom

set forth from Archangel’s wisdom

tis a true test for endurance,

fortitude, will, might, and patience

to overcome the beastly self

and emerge a brilliant brighter self

in the essence of True Love’s Light.


The key to freedom

is to care for the garden path

to toil the earth with sod and grass,

and to harvest the bounty in love, en masse.
The path to freedom

is first set forth by truth seekers, caretakers,

and Infinite Light Workers,

who nurture the Way-Seers

and reciprocate True Love’s Infinite Keepers;

the Unarius Brothers/Sisters/Archangels

who manifest freedom through evolutionary changes.


Unarius, a million millennia with Love in Action.


The 31st Interplanetary Conclave of Light

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Reattune to the high-frequency energies of the 31st Interplanetary Conclave of Light, “The Future of Planet Earth is Positive,” through participants’ comments about their experience of this cosmic event. The Conclave of Light was held on October 11 and 12, 2014 at the Unarius center in El Cajon, California.

“At the Conclave event I felt a brilliant light of love shining from our positive future. I felt like time was standing still because there is no time in the Infinite. What a beautiful day, and always with the love and light at this event of Uriel and the Brothers.” —Suzanne Farnsworth

“Everything around the Conclave of Light has been a life-changing event for me. I’m still continuing to be given the right direction I need to take in my life from this event. I know everything from this point is going to accelerate into the most positive future. . . . I think it won’t be long until the Confederation of Light will come to be here and help us move forward into the most positive future for this planet. Knowing this, and what I’ve gotten from the Conclave of Light, is the most motivating thing ever, and I’m thankful for everything that all the students at the Unarius Academy, with everybody around the world, and the Brothers have done to make this happen. I know that the future is positive.   —Dwight Styrxlight

Exhibit of Uriel's costumes

Exhibit of Uriel’s costumes

Spaceship from "The Arrival" movie

Spaceship used in “The Arrival” movie

“The Conclave of Light is my favorite event to participate in. Every year I feel such a transcendency and always learn more about myself and past lifetimes. This year was no exception. The entire event was beautiful with the choralliers singing, the new exhibits including Uriel’s costumes, the Interplanetary Confederation banners, and more. The Unarius Center looked sparkling with all the new additions, which served as an attunement to previous celebrations as well as a preview of our positive future on planet Earth.

“The highlight for me was the psychic experience I had during the transmission. At first I saw a huge amphitheater with thousands of beings from the Interplanetary Confederation all standing and projecting their love to all of us on our planet. They were having their celebration of the future along with all of us. As I write this, their love projection is regenerating even more so. The next psychism was an image of the celestial beings in a large circle with their arms encased with one another as they overshadowed all of us on planet Earth. The number of beings was indiscernible as they were in group consciousness, and what I saw was a symbolic representation of how their minds work as one. The awareness I had was this vortex of love being projected to all of us on our planet is how energy functions all the time—vortexes of love and intelligence are always being projected to us and our receptivity makes it our reality. As I was seeing this, it transformed into what looked like a huge venturi tube with waves of love just pouring into our dimension. I sat there bathed in their love as this was happening.

“I am so appreciative for this experience and the entire weekend. Thank you to all the students who made it possible and especially to the Brothers of Light who work with us to make our future positive and progressive.”   —Tracey Kennedy

“Every year I always look forward to the Interplanetary Conclave of Light . . . for it is always such a very high, transcending time for me. When it finally arrives I always say to myself, ‘Finally the Conclave is here!’ During this two days event, I always feel as if I am not living in this physical world, that I am living in another dimension as I feel so transcended. This year Sunday’s events—the past-life therapy workshop, the Dove release, and the transmission holds a special place in my heart. I am very, very appreciative to the Brothers of Unarius for the help that I have received during the workshop. There are always very high healing energies present during this workshop, and every year I always have an answer to a particular problem that I am going through. Watch segments of the workshop at

“I love the Conclave—what a beautiful time it is for me! I am looking forward to the next year’s Conclave.”   —Nanette Breault

“I had the most intense feeling of love/transcendence. It seems like all the negation I have been working out and the healings I received all came to a peak. I felt a releasement and a comforting feeling—I actually cried deeply for about twenty minutes, remembering all the excruciating pain/obsessions I endured, and all that I let go of (negations)! . . . Thank you, students at the Unarius center for doing a great job with the 31st Interplanetary Conclave of Light. It was wonderful beyond words! The entire weekend was very power-filled and transcending! The Choralliers sounded magnificent. My finest experience was with the psychic contact I had with Jacobi (Einstein) during the transmission; I felt an interdimensional oneness with his mind in concert with the other 33 planetary leaders, especially the scientific souls.”—Rita Wright

The trumpeters

The trumpeters

Dove Release

Dove Release

“I was very excited about participating in the 31st Interplanetary Conclave of Light festival, and also reconnecting with my Unarius friends. The Proclamation of World Peace and Dove Release ceremony gave me a concrete realization that the

Brothers are very near to us and will be landing on planet Earth in the very near future. Thank you, Unarius, for bringing us closer to Earth’s positive future.”   —Celeste Barta

“For me, this year, the Conclave was a time of gratitude. The severity of the reliving of this cycle could have left me permanently crippled: physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally, as it has in many past lives. Instead, from the moment I broke my leg, I was aware of the healing energies of the Unarius brotherhood and was able to apply the tools the science provides to not only heal, but achieve one of the long-term goals on my self-mastery chart of losing weight; thereby, emerging physically healthier and mentally stronger.”—Lani

“The Conclave of Light celebration day was a day to remember, infinitely. A day filled with the Greatest Love from our Space Brothers of Light; I was so bathed with their love that penetrated every fabric of my being. I was on cloud nine the whole weekend because of the extreme upliftment with Uriel’s love. Our entire planet Earth is so much brighter and peace filled because of the abundance of love poured upon us on that day. Just remembering that day of celebration my whole being is filled with deep humility and gratitude. I am so grateful to be a Unarius student.”   —Ekaette Udo

“The higher frequencies experienced during the Interplanetary Conclave weekend were so transcending, that I wanted to stay in that state of consciousness forever. This gives me the impetus to keep working out more of my negative past, so that someday I will be in that higher consciousness forever!”  —Patricia Daland

“Before the conclave I never thought that I would have such a mentally educational experience. I had previously thought that to get my mind in a transcended state, I would have to spend hours doing something positive—studying, not being busy with anything as I tried to disconnect from the physical world. But I found out that I can be uplifted beyond my normal state of mind very fast when the Brothers project to me, as they did during the Conclave. I had a preconceived notion shattered in one event. This really makes you wonder what can happen if you let the Brothers project to you much more!”  —Jack Appel

And the Angels Sing

And the Angels Sing

“I really enjoyed watching the video and audio stream of the Conclave of Light! While listening to the choralliers sing, I quickly found myself singing right along with them. That is always one of my favorite parts. I always enjoy the dove release as well. I was left feeling uplifted and inspired! In Love and Light, Cindy Burchett”

To watch segments of Saturday’s events, including the Future Technology presentation and the choralliers singing, go to

Watch portions of The Proclamation for World Peace and Dove Release at


The AVAM Visionary Experience

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

TVE Preview Party Flyer - emailUnariun artists Kevin Kennedy and Paula Rich Greenwood have returned from their trip to Baltimore for the opening events of The Visionary Experience: Saint Francis to Finster at the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM).

Uriel Painting in Musuem

Uriel, Cosmic Visionary

Paula Rich Greenwood wrote this about her experience: “It was an honor and privilege to have been invited to the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) as a Unariun representative and polarity. I spent two extraordinary transcended and inspiring days at the museum, and felt invigorated with the light and love emanating from the ‘quadrocentric’ cosmic visionaries, the founders and overlords for Unarius: Archangels Uriel, Michiel, Raphiel, and Muriel. I was in awe and delighted to have such a distinguished opportunity to present my painting, Uriel, Cosmic Visionary, at such a notable and historic museum.

“The museum was founded in 1989 by a visionary in her own right, Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, for having the fortitude and foresight to establish such a vessel to incorporate a multitude of visionaries. Rebecca eloquently blends past, present, and future with an array of polymath pioneers: artists, writers, sculptors, engineers, architects, scientists, and spiritualists.

“I’m most appreciative to Jodi Wille for following her own inner guidance by introducing Unarius to the AVAM platform, the Cinefamily creative experience in Los Angeles, and hopefully many more future endeavors to come.

“Many of the AVAM creatives/artists/visionaries report their inspired works were received from a higher interdimensional source referred to as God, angels, divine inspiration, and Infinite Creative Intelligence. There was an interwoven connectedness among the artists, as many had experienced near-death experiences with spiritual awakening, many have beliefs of reincarnation, and others were involved with different traditional religious backgrounds. Each visionary from the past and present were illuminated with a profound calling and mission to expound on the mysteries of science and spirit through their art and works.

“Uriel’s love oscillation was radiated to everyone in attendance, as a number of visitors and presenters at the museum periodically would walk up to me and give me a hug. I was reminded of the wonderful memories spent with Uriel after spending hours in her aura at a Unarius celebration. The love vibration was so radiant that I felt in perfect harmony with the world upon leaving the celebration. The love energy was so intense I felt like hugging everyone and everything; I felt as one with the universe and all living things, and for a brief moment, I felt what it was like to be omniscient. This weekend was a reflection of these cherished memories long past and the new light-filled memories to be birthed in the coming days, months, and years.”

LOVE on sculpture bldg.Kevin Kennedy shared his wonderful experience at the museum:  “After arriving at the museum it was obvious to me that it had been set up by the Unarius Brothers: With the big letters spelling out L-O-V-E on the side of the sculpture building and AVAM front of museumthe crystalline nature of the gallery building, how could it be anything else? This whole exhibition was dedicated to the understanding that inspiration comes from higher worlds, if we are to be truly creative. It starts with St. Francis of Assisi and the realization that we must leave behind materialism if we are going to explore our inner nature, and continues through many different visionaries, from Walter Russell to Ingo Swann—souls who have explored the reality of extraterrestrial life and inner awareness—and concludes our journey through this gallery with Unarius’ artwork.

“All the walls in the gallery were painted different colors for the different artists represented. Unarius’ area was AVAM Unarius displayappropriately painted bright yellow and lit up the entire gallery. I loved how Uriel’s portrait, painted by Paula, dominated one wall and had Uriel’s quote above it: “The future of planet Earth is positive and progressive!” But that’s not all. We also have Uriel giving pertinent information via video footage continuously playing for the passing viewer. Uriel explains how we are all inspired from these brothers and sisters of light on the inner planes: ‘when you’re open and aware of it!’ All of us artists taking part in the show felt—from the very beginning—an overriding sense of love and appreciation, which once again proved the influence of the higher minds on this wonderful show.”

Unarius Interview on Coast to Coast AM

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
Moderator - dark background Sm

Ernest Norman

A few months ago the Academy was contacted by Coast to Coast AM requesting an interview with Ernest Norman, cofounder of Unarius and author of the core texts. Of course, the producer didn’t realize that Ernest Norman made his transition to the spiritual worlds in 1971. So we suggested David Reynolds could speak on behalf of Unarius, keeping in mind that David had been Unarius’ representative on George Noory’s cosmic science panel at the LA Conscious Life Expo for the past couple of years. Then just a week before the interview was to take place on September 18, David received a call from the Coast to Coast producer inviting him to speak about Ernest Norman and his book The Truth About Mars. What an awesome Truth About Marsopportunity to spread the light, love, and truth! Coast to Coast AM is heard on nearly 570 radio stations in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Guam, and all interviews are live streamed and archived on their website.

Having heard interviews over the years that frequently covered topics related to UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence, past lives, and other metaphysical subjects, David had always thought Unarius should be a guest on this program: “We have a lot to offer which would appeal to many of their listeners.” And when it finally happened, David related: “Thank the Infinite, for the time finally arrived; the proper cycle had swung in. With help from my fellow Unariuns all was in readiness for the interview. The focus was to be on The Truth About Mars book, but my inner feeling was that the interview would expand from that single subject.

David Reynolds

David Reynolds

“George Noory was a very interested and generous host and allowed me to have the first two hours of the four-hour show. For me it was such an exhilarating experience and quite effortless; I could tell Uriel was right there, in spirit, helping to inspire the conversation! We have received a lot of positive responses from listeners as well as many orders for the book. I’m so very appreciative of the Infinite giving me this chance to advance Unarius and my progressive evolution another step forward!”

Ekaette & Stephen with the orders they packed

Ekaette & Stephen with the orders they packed

Actually, we have received almost 120 orders and a few keep coming in every day, after the initial overwhelming response! Many of course have been for the Mars book, but people have taken the time to browse through Unarius’ online store and have ordered other books, CDs, DVDs, starship emblem pins, and more. Unarius has also gotten many phone calls from people requesting information be sent to them. Two calls were from eighty-six-year old individuals (they both happened to be the same age) who have been long-time students of Unarius and were pleasantly surprised to hear the interview on the radio. One had been out of contact with Unarius since 2001 and the other, a fellow named Frank Landis, said he had been a charter member of Unarius since 1974 and hadn’t called the center to talk for a couple of years.

Here is a sampling of other listeners’ comments: “You know the truth when you hear it.” (This fellow had been studying other metaphysical writings for many years.)

“This is what I have been searching for. I wish I had found Unarius thirty years ago when I first became a truth seeker.”

Then there was the conversation with a blind woman named Lynell who had heard the interview and was so excited about getting the book that she called the very next day, before heading to the hospital for an operation. She was going to have a person at the “Lighthouse” read the whole book to her and then record it so she could listen to the recording in the future. Lynell was not born blind but became visually impaired six years ago, and she is determined to see again. When she found out that Unarius teaches how to heal oneself, she was excited to hear that. She knows “we are not this physical body” and has been searching for the connection to begin the healing process.

We received several emails from Elana in Florida who was also thrilled to learn about Unarius: “I heard about your center through George Noory’s radio show. I was sound asleep but was awakened by my bike light which suddenly came on. This bike light is broken; yet, it started working and awakened me just at the time Mr. Noory was interviewing a man who shared about your organization. I have interlibrary loaned some books and intend to study everything that your center teaches. I know that these teachings are going to help heal me in a way that I never anticipated.”

If you missed hearing the interview or want to hear it again and have access to the Internet, you can listen to the podcast. You’ll need to become a Coast to Coast Insider, but you can sign up for the monthly rate (only $6.95 ) and then cancel before the next auto payment, if Unarius’ interview is the only one you want to hear.

Unarius Artwork in AVAM Exhibition

Friday, September 12th, 2014

TVE Preview Party Flyer - emailUnariun artists Kevin Kennedy and Paula Rich-Greenwood will be traveling to Baltimore, Maryland at the end of September to represent Unarius at the media and opening previews of The Visionary Experience: Saint Francis to Finster at the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM). Unarius artwork and more will be featured in this exhibition that opens October 4 and will run through August 30, 2015. The AVAM is the first nationally recognized museum dedicated to visionary, self-taught art, so Unarius’ inspirational artwork is a perfect fit! Guest curator Jodi Wille and AVAM founder and director Rebecca Alban Hoffberger have “assembled a diverse and wildly transcendent collection of artists, scientists, philosophers, and spiritual pioneers who have ventured straight to the source of inspiration itself.” Read more about this exhibition on AVAM’s website.

Jodi Willie with Unarius artwork2

Jodie Wille at the Unarius center checking out paintings

Cosmic Generator

The Cosmic Generator

Jodie Wille visited the center last February to photograph paintings by Unariun artists and several of Uriel’s costumes to be considered for the exhibition. We were thrilled that four paintings (see below) and the Peacock Princess of Atlantis cape were selected. Additionally, photographs of the Cosmic Generator, the Unarius Space Cad, and Unariuns dressed in costume for an event held in 1979 (see below) at the center were chosen to showcase inspirational works. The museum director was so impressed by the Cosmic Generator that it is not only featured on the AVAM website, but also on the exhibition program cover! Jodie being a filmmaker herself (The Source Family, 2012) wanted to make sure museum visitors were introduced to Unarius films and videos, another form of creative expression. So visitors will be able to watch footage from The Arrival, combined with footage of Uriel speaking on creativity and the true source of inspiration, in the Unarius exhibit area. This video can be viewed on Unarius’ YouTube channel.

Billie glueing on peacock feathers

Billie gluing new “eyes” on the Peacock Princess of Atlantis cape

The Peacock Princess of Atlantis cape was created by a Unarius seamstress in the early 80s for Uriel to wear during filming. According to a short article in the Pictorial Tour book, the cape originally had 800 peacock feather eyes glued on it. But after so many years, the peacock feathers were deteriorating and falling off. Unariun artist and seamstress Billie McIntyre removed all the old feathers and 740 new peacock eyes were individually glued on. The art shipping company workers that picked up Unarius’ exhibition items three weeks ago handled the cape with great care, hanging it in their van and then

The Peacock Princess cape on its way to the shipper

The Peacock Princess cape on its way to the shipper

covering it with plastic. They said a special container would be created for the cape at their warehouse in San Diego, and the paintings would be crated in preparation for transport by truck to the museum in Baltimore.

Museum staff notified us last week that the shipping company did an excellent packing job and everything had arrived safely. As stated in their email: “We are very excited to be working with this fascinating collection!”

How fantastic that thousands of people will be able to learn about Unarius through the exhibition—the museum has over 100,000 visitors a year!


URIEL Cosmic Visionary

URIEL Cosmic Visionary, New World Teacher – Artist: Paula Rich-Greenwood

Intergalactic Travelers

Intergalactic Travelers – Artist: Raphael (Douglas Taylor)

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Artist: Billie Stafford (McIntyre)

Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Rising – Artist: Kevin Kennedy

Celebration of Conclave of Light Beings & 25th Anniversary of Unarius

Photo of the Celebration of the Conclave of Light Beings & 25th Anniversary of Unarius


The Space Cad at the Future Landing Site

The Space Cad at the Future Landing Site

Importance of Studying

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

The Academy received an email from home-study student Nicholas Sauer about studying the Unarius texts and how it was helping him. His email was right in synch with a letter on the importance of studying,  from the  Unarius archives, that was read in a class session shortly afterward.

Here is what Nicholas had to say: I’ve had some interesting personal experiences in regard to my studies of Unarius. There was a period where I was devoting almost every hour of my day to studying, especially in the morning and at night. I was very happy, feeling more loving toward all the people around me, more friendly and aware. I felt like the Brothers were always only a thought away and I often thought of them as friends and helpers that were working with me rather than “holier-than-thou” type entities. Everything was going smoothly, but slowly my focus shifted from studying every chance I had to just every now and then, maybe a half hour here and there during the day just to tune in and feel good about myself. I had a very subconscious thought that with five years of being a student and absorbing knowledge from the books, I should be able to do without studying and simply tune within and I would still find life beautiful as before.

However, I saw that my life had changed in a very subtle way, that I avoided people and my thoughts were more negative and chaotic. I let this all happen for about a week, until I noticed what the real change within my life was; that I was giving the outside, reactionary world more reality and importance than my studies of Unarius and the inner worlds. Now I’ve gotten back to setting my alarm clock early so I can study in the mornings, which has become the most important part of my day to study, and using this month period to analyze myself, I can see just how important studying Unarius has become to me! It really has become the rock of my life because my happiness just doesn’t compare when I’m not studying! I’ve been able to work through the hardest tribulations of my life because of having Unarius, and this last month has only recrystallized my dedication to understanding Unarius and the Infinite, and to dedicate myself completely.

I’m sure the rest of the Unarius students have had these same experiences, the conflict between the inner realms that we contact while studying and the reactionary world that we are inherently a part of just by being alive. It’s amazing how high we lift our consciousness in our studies, and how fast we can dissipate that elevation by changing the channel!

The letter that was read in class was written by Ruth Norman (envelop was dated 11-29-71), and its purpose, as stated at the beginning of the letter, was “to help individuals who have, at some time during the past few years, made contact with Unarius . . . especially in instances where the student has become somewhat lax in his efforts to carry on with his study, or that his interests may have waned, we wish to try to help renew or restimulate his inner desire or urge for spiritual wisdom, so you may carry on in your self-mastery program, to again become actively engaged in your individual, regenerative progressive evolution—the way to a better future.”

The letter goes on to make some strong points: “There is only one reason why the student does not experience changes, help, and a new way of life, and one reason only: LACK OF STUDY. No sincere student can remain steadfast in his efforts to conceive the Science, without experiencing results—results of an infinite variety. This little missive to you is simply to prompt your interest, to try to encourage you who have at one time heard this ‘call’ to prepare yourself: preparation for your own future years and lives, both here and on other distant planets. Our urge is that you may again begin your unfoldment process—your spiritual awakening!

“This material world has served a purpose for you, yea, many hundreds of years and lifetimes, but the fact that you have been touched on the shoulder, so to speak, to begin your climb upward in wisdom does go to prove that you are one of those certain numbers who can, at this time, begin to prepare yourself for life on higher worlds. . . . Your return to your study, your contact with us here, again, will make this help possible; for help must be always given in proportion to the individual’s own efforts. Otherwise, life’s purpose would be defeated; evolution would be meaningless. . . .

“The Unarius Science is indeed unique to any other teaching which you have ever, or will ever encounter; for it was written not from the conscious mind of an earthman, but is actually a creation of the very Infinite Mind of Creative Intelligence. Thus, these principles can be impinged within your own psychic anatomy to actually change its existing vibrating rate. Moreover, your times of attunement or study create an alignment with the Minds on the Higher Worlds and with we Channels, here, who can and do work with you continuously. All that is asked on your part is that you REMAIN STEADFAST TO YOUR STUDY—how little a price to pay for the great benefits received! A better investment is simply nonexistent, at any price; for to understand, to conceive the principles of Unarius is a better life, here and hereafter.”

Read the full text of the importance of studying letter. Read how to become a student on Unarius’ website.


Highlights of the 2014 New Life Expo

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

On the weekend of March 21-23, nine Unariuns had the opportunity to share the love and light of Unarius at the New Life Expo in New York City. Hundreds of people visited Unarius’ booth, some engaging in conversation; thereby, giving us the opportunity to share how Unarius has helped us and encouraging them on their own pathway to enlightenment.

There was standing-room only in both lectures! We videotaped them, so you can see highlights on Unarius’ YouTube channel: “How Past Lives Influence You” and “Tesla Technology: Opening the Cosmic Window”

One of the highlights for all us who participated in the expo was the opportunity to meet—in person—one of Unarius’ newest students, Guillermo Briceno, who lives in Manhattan. Guillermo has been participating in the classes (held at the center in El Cajon) via the live stream since December of 2012. We really appreciated how he jumped right into helping in the booth and was so enthusiastic! We could tell he had put a lot of consciousness into preparing himself for this opportunity and sensed that people could feel his sincerity and love for Unarius when he spoke with them.

Here are Guillermo’s comments about his experience at the New Life Expo:

Guillermo talking to people

Guillermo talking to people

“Representing Unarius at the expo was a real thrill, and it was challenging for me. It felt like it was a midterm or something where I had to show that I’ve been paying attention to the classes and teachings that I’ve been studying for the past year. I even studied a bit more often weeks before the event, so I could be extra prepared to talk to the people I would meet at the expo; but nothing could really prepare me. And I can’t believe how much Spanish I had to speak on behalf of our booth! [New York is ranked fourth in the USA for its percentage of Spanish-speaking residents]. Although I’m of Hispanic descent, I’m pretty disconnected from my culture, and I was unprepared for that, but I apparently I did an okay job. . . . I decided to just be myself and let my studies speak for me. And I was really happy to see that there were a good number of local folks here in NYC who responded very positively to us, and I hope we hear from them soon.”