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Unarius at The Horse Hospital in London

Monday, July 18th, 2016

The Horse Hospital

The Unarius Academy was honored to participate in The Horse Hospital’s Collective Intention Programme, showcasing Unariun films, costumes, artifacts, paintings, and photos, and introducing Unarius to many people for the first time. The Horse Hospital is a respected art venue, presenting underground and avante garde media since 1993; including the work of visionary artists Joe Coleman, Norbert Kox, and many others, and hosting musicians and personalities such as Donovan, Anita Pallenberg, and David Tibet.




The Exhibition

Jodi Wille curated the Unariun exhibition, working with several students to have it prepared and shipped ahead of the opening on June 17. Unariuns Kevin and Tracey Kennedy flew to London with Jodi, arriving a few days before the 17th to help with the setup of the month-long exhibition. Tracey commented: “I was so excited fly to London to have the opportunity to share Unarius in this way. Even more exciting was the receptivity of the people to what Unarius has to offer—Wow!”

Friday night, June 17, was the UK premier of Unarius’ super8 masterwork, A Visit to the Underground Cities of Mars (1977). Three people told Jodi they felt “high” after seeing the Mars film—they were not on any drugs or drunk but felt transcended. Two short films were shown before the feature film: Cinefamily’s mashup highlighting Unarius’ public access videos and Jodi Wille’s short, We Are Not Alone. After viewing the shorts, Jodi interviewed Kevin and Tracey about Unarius, filming, creativity, and more, and audience asked many insightful questions. You can view a short clip of the interview on Unarius’ YouTube channel.


Kevin & Tracey at the workshop

On Sunday, Kevin and Tracey led a workshop for artists: “Develop Your Clairvoyant and Creative Potential.” They were pleasantly surprised to have such a positive reception to the ideas and concepts presented. Kevin related: “During the workshop I looked out at the audience and one woman had a look of rolling her eyes. I didn’t know what to expect. After the workshop, she was so excited and complimented us on how much she got out of it and enjoyed participating.” Tai, from The Horse Hospital, participated in the workshop and really appreciated it. At the end she remarked, “Can Unarius take an atheist and a nihilist? I’m ready to sign up!”

Our opening sold out days before the event and according to what we’ve learned, the audience seemed to be filled with a who’s who of the London underground art and music scene. Jodi told us that her friends James Sclavunos, music producer and longtime drummer for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Victoria Yeates, who plays Sister Winifred in the TV series Call the Midwife and her friend Geno Carapetta, musician and drummer for the English rock band Gentlemen, were spotted in the audience.

Tracey,Tai, & Kevin

Tracey, Tai, and Kevin


Jodi Wille & Mark Pilkington, publisher of Strange Attractor books

Jodi Wille: “The Unariuns and I had an incredible time working with the immensely kind and generous people at The Horse Hospital. We met so many beautiful and brilliantly talented people in this community of artists, writers, performers, and other enthusiasts who are at the core of keeping London’s avant garde art scene alive and vital. Thank you and bless you, Roger Burton, Tai Shani, and Sholto, and so many new and old friends who welcomed us so warmly, for this experience of a lifetime.”

Sholto from The Horse Hospital: “I had a blast and enjoyed meeting you all. We’ve had loads of great responses to the show, most of them joyous and amazed!”


What’s next: The Standard Hotel, Hollywood will be presenting a “Welcome, Space Brothers” event on Sunday, August 21, featuring: a hands-on creativity workshop, a dove release from the Unarius Space Cad; and an evening of films under the stars. The hotel lobby has been transformed into an interactive Unarius art exhibition that will be on display through August.