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Unarius Goes to Hollywood—Again!

Sunday, September 4th, 2016

In May 2014, Unariuns went to Hollywood to participate in a three-day event, “Welcome, Space Brothers,” at the Cinefamily. It was a fantastic experience with screenings of Unarius films; live Q&A sessions and two workshops with Unariuns; and a display of Unarius artifacts, costumes, and photos on the back patio. Thanks to Jodi Wille, who hosted the “Welcome, Space Brothers” event, Unarius was invited back to Hollywood on August 21 to be part of the “Women of Cinefamily” weekend.

Photo Credits: Melissa Manning

Photo Credits: Melissa Manning

On the 21st, fourteen Unariuns traveled to The Standard Hotel, West Hollywood, to take part in “We Are Not Alone: The Films of Unarius.” This amazing event was presented by The FRONT, Cinefamily, and The Standard Hollywood, and hosted by Jodi Wille.  Celebrating Unarius’ creative legacy, then and now, the hotel lobby became a gallery for framed images from Unarius’ videos and films (displayed from July 20 to August 31).

Photo credits: Melissa Manning

Photo credits: Melissa Manning

The interactive glass box or “human aquarium,” behind the front desk in the hotel lobby, was filled with Unarius ephemera, books, and a monitor playing Unarius videos 24/7 to evoke the outer and inner-dimensional world of a Unariun student (portrayed by a live model), during Unarius’ peak creative years from 1975-1985.

On the 21st, the day’s events featured a Unarius creativity workshop; the release of 33 white doves out of the small spaceship atop the Space Cad; and “The Films of Unarius,” in the evening: including Jodi Wille’s new short film, We Are Not Alone; the Cinefamily mix-tape of great moments of Unariun cinema; and a sneak peek of the new high-definition transfer of The Arrival from the original 16 mm film.

Lani, Billie & Paula (standing, left to right) facilitating the Creative Workshop

Lani Calvert, Billie McIntyre, and Paula Greenwood co-facilitated the hands-on creativity workshop: “Develop Your Clairvoyant and Creative Potential: An Art Workshop for Everyone.The workshop was held in the hotel’s small conference room, and there was so much interest that a second workshop was added at the last minute to accommodate as many people as possible. Participants experienced a guided trip to Muse, an attunement to the Master Artists residing on this spiritual plane devoted to the arts, before deciding what medium they would use to create their own inspirational art project. You can watch a short video of the creativity workshop on Unarius’ YouTube channel and read an article in the LA Weekly about the writer’s experience of the workshop: “Can Anyone Be Clairvoyant? The Unariuns Think So”

Deborah with her collage

Deborah with her collage

A workshop attendee, Deborah Charles, posed with her collage after the workshop and commented that as an energy healer, she could really feel the energies,  the high frequencies coming through Billie who led the guided journey. She related: I especially enjoyed the guided meditation, opening up my visions and messages from my ancestors and the celestial beings, and then allowing me to translate [that] into my artwork. I look forward to visiting the center and expanding my horizons and knowledge.

Painting depicting the Healing Flames in the Conclave book

Painting depicting the Healing Flames in the Conclave book

Michael's painting

Michael’s painting

Another participant, Michael Lackner, posted this comment on Unarius’ Facebook page: The workshop was very helpful in unblocking creativity and was such fun. I wonder if others had my experience—in looking at their artwork later and seeing more than consciously met their eye at the moment of completion. Lani commented: We hoped that participants would be able to get a glimpse of the inner planes during the guided imagery at the beginning of the session, and Michael apparently did so. Check out his artwork compared to the painting depicting the three healing flames on the Inner from the Unarius book Conclave of Light Beings.

The Films of Unarius” event was free, but required an RSVP and hundreds of people signed up, with 200 actually attending! The films were shown on the expansive hotel pool deck, where a large projection screen was set up. The evening also featured a short Q&A with four Unariuns: Kevin Kennedy, Lani Calvert, Suzanne Farnsworth, and Jennifer Stovall.

Unariuns dressed in costume for Q&A

Unariuns dressed in costume for Q&A

The three ladies each wore one of Uriel’s dresses, including a dress Uriel wore for her role in The Arrival, and Kevin wore a men’s top from the costume room. The highlight of the evening was seeing the new high-definition version of The Arrival. The clarity of the picture and sound was so much better that we saw details and heard sounds that we never had before!

What’s next: You can see The Arrival in the new HD format at the 33rd Interplanetary Conclave of Light, “Creating Our Positive Future.”The sneak peak of The Arrival will happen on Saturday evening (10/8). Creativity Workshops will be offered at this event, too, on Sunday afternoon (10/9).



Saturday, May 9th, 2015

SFIFF event listing

On May 2, several Unariuns traveled to San Francisco for the screening of The Arrival at the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF). The festival, running from April 23–May 7, featured over 200 films and live events, including: “Welcome, Space Brothers: The Films of the Unarius Academy of Science with Jodi Wille.”

Kevin Kennedy, Jack and Celeste Appel, and Jennifer Stovall took part in a Q&A after Jodi Wille introduced Unarius with a short slide show, followed by a Cinefamily mashup of the best-of-Unarius videos. The event concluded with The Arrival—screened in Blu-ray format for the first time. Tracey Kennedy videoed the Q&A, and you can watch highlights of the Q&A on YouTube.

The theatre was filled to capacity. Kevin was thrilled to hear a young woman sitting behind him say: “I drove over three hours to be able to see this movie on the big screen.” Here are more comments from Kevin and the other Unariuns who participated in the fantastic event:

“What a glorious and wonderful way to share the healing light and love that Unarius has brought to the world. Uriel told us over 35 years ago that these films and videos were the way that we would share the truth of Unarius with the world and now it’s coming to pass. It was a fantastic, light-filled event!”  —Kevin Kennedy

“Being part of the film festival was a wonderful experience. It was exciting to see Unarius moving forward and the principles in The Arrival being shown to so many new people. We were so well accepted by the staff at the film festival that I knew we had overcome the obstacles that have prevented us from being able to get Unarius known in a bigger way over the years.” Jack Appel

“It was fantastic seeing the audience appreciate The Arrival and hearing their comments afterward. The students who spoke on the panel were great representatives of how creativity and inspiration work when applying Unarius principles in one’s life.” Tracey Kennedy

“Each time The Arrival is shown you can see how the high energies uplift the audience, which is so awesome.  This was the premier of The Arrival in Blu-ray format and it looked the best ever. Thanks to Jodi and the the San Francisco Film Society for hosting this event.”  Celeste Appel

“During the event, I became more aware of how Uriel’s love projections to her students touched their lives and remain regenerative and eternal; the healings continue and are still applicable today. To see The Arrival again and share our experiences with this positive audience was very uplifting. Special thanks to Jodi Willie for her inner inspiration and the San Francisco Film Society to help make this happen!” Jennifer Stovall

A BIG thank you to Jodi Wille for making this happen. She had the idea to send a copy of The Arrival for review by the SFFS programmer, Sean Uyehara, after it premiered in May 2014 at The Cinefamily in Hollywood (Welcome, Space Brothers).

There was another contact made at the Cinefamily that resulted in The Arrival being shown at The Cube Cinema in Bristol, England last December (2014). This screening was part of a program curated by writer and film archivist Jack Stevenson, who had seen it at The Cinefamily. So who knows where The Arrival will be shown next, but we do know it’s just the beginning of many more opportunities for the love and light of the Unariun Brothers to be spread around the world.