Unarius Student Heads to Africa

July 31st, 2011

Ekaette & The Reawakening

Ekaette Udo, originally from Nigeria, recently left to visit her family and fellow Unarius students in Africa. Prior to leaving, she was inspired to have several items printed to take to the students. She took 33 mini-banners of the Interplanetary Confederation Star Map, 33 paper posters of the IPC images, a large banner of The Reawakening painting, and three banners of the psychic anatomy diagram. Ekaette wanted them to be lightweight enough to take in her suitcase, which they were. We look forward to seeing pictures of how they are used at Star Center #3.


Tesla Technology—Joining Science & Spirit

March 27th, 2011

Unarius students, Kevin and David, gave a 45-minute talk at the New Life Expo in New York City about the nonpolluting, safe future energy solutions in store for our world, based on Tesla technology. Here is an excerpt from their presentation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_uXWCAa18g

Past-Life Awareness – Key to a Better Life

March 25th, 2011

Unarius students, Jack and Lani, gave a 45-minute talk at the New Life Expo in New York City about how an understanding of past lives can change your life for the better. Here is an excerpt from their presentation.

How a Traumatic Reliving of Past Lifetimes Can Seem So Real

November 21st, 2010

Twenty-five years ago my husband, my daughter, and I moved from Ontario, Canada to El Cajon, California so that my husband and I could attend classes in Past-Life Therapy at the Unarius Academy of Science. Through our studies we were made aware that not only did we live past lifetimes on planet Earth, but we had lived many lives on many other planets. Some of these lives were lived in the constellation of Orion on planet Tyron, where the Emperor, named Tyrantus, and the inhabitants were very negatively biased people and only desired to conquer other worlds to build a stronger empire. It did not matter to these evil doers how their militaries would conquer these worlds, or how many millions of people would die as a result of their actions. They thought of a variety of ways to conquer many planets: beside warfare, they spread diseases, viruses, and poison gases that weakened the inhabitants’ physical bodies so that they would not have the strength to fight back. Many of these people gave up under extreme duress and begged the Orionites for mercy, as they felt they had no choice but to join the Orion Empire if they wanted to survive.

Information about the Orion Empire has been published by the Unarius Academy in a series of books: the History of the Universe and the Decline and Destruction of the Orion Empire. The History of the Universe explains, from an interdimensional perspective, how our present-day civilization is a continuity of the Orion civilization, which existed over 800,000 years ago; and the Decline & Destruction books are the actual past-life memories and healings of individuals who lived at that time.

I was one of many who took part in these evil deeds and lived only to get a reward—to obtain a higher position and to be recognized by the Emperor Tyrantus. I was made aware through an Akashic Reading given to me at the Academy that I had worked in a military laboratory for the Orion government, helping to create viruses, which were then spread via the water system, the food, and the air on the planets that we wanted to conquer. I am not proud of what I have done in these past lives. Not only have I received the negative feedback of my evil deeds in this present lifetime, but in my very last lifetime, I died of viral meningitis in 1951 as a nine-month-old baby. I died from one of the same viruses that I had created in that long-ago time in the Orion laboratories. I suffered the same fate as those people who suffered and died on the planets that had been infected with viruses. Then in 1952, I was born once again through the same mother into my current lifetime to experience the numerous infections that I have caused others, such as several kidney and bladder infections, numerous digestive tract problems, and rheumatic fever due to strep throat, which caused minor damage to one of my heart valves.

In my present lifetime I vowed that I would turn around these negative energies with the help of my spiritual teachers that have been working with me for many lifetimes, and in-between lifetimes in their spiritual schools on the inner planes. I vowed that I would take every opportunity presented to me to become free of my heavy karma and to raise myself one step higher into my progressive evolution, and I am becoming freer by helping those whom I have harmed in the past. I know, without a doubt, that I have been guided to become a Certified Reflexologist so that I could be given the opportunity to help my many victims. Every day my victims walk through my office door and ask for help for their pain and suffering, and as I massage their sore pressure points I am aware that these are the people whom I have harmed in these past lifetimes in Orion. As I become aware and accept how I have harmed them, I am always amazed by how fast they improve. I know that it is not just my physical touch that has helped them, but due to my acceptance of the harm I have caused them, this changes negative energies within their energy body just as it does to my energy body. The shock that I have caused these souls is now being lessened and it manifests as changes in their physical bodies.

To read my testimonial about my healing of these negative lifetimes,  go to http://past-lifetherapy.com/testml-5.htm.

Unarius Student Visits Star Center Three in Africa

November 6th, 2010
A few months ago, Ekaette Udo traveled from El Cajon, California to Africa to visit her family in Nigeria and to visit Star Center Three in Owerri. Despite the challenges of undertaking a five-hour trip, via public transportation, to Owerri, Ekaette did it, and even went back for a second visit along with members of her own family. When she returned last month, she shared details of meeting the members of Center Three, including long-time students Nwabueze Adirije and Ikechucwu Ihemegbulam, in a class session at Star Center One in El Cajon. We all loved hearing about her trip and appreciate her efforts and the connection made with our fellow students in Africa. Here is what Ekaette had to say about her visit with Star Three, as she calls it:

Nwabueze Adirije & Ikechucwu Ihemegbulam

I had a great time visiting Star Three in Nigeria last summer. The first time I went there on a bus and it was a long ride, five hours. I was unable to locate the center right away on Orlu Rd. in Owerri since the sign had been taken down for repair. (The center is housed in a small office on the 2nd floor of a building on Orlu Rd.) When I called Ikechucwu on the phone telling him that I was on Orlu Rd. and unable to find the center, he told me he would be right over to where I was and I should stay put. As I was waiting in front of an electronic store, he came, we greeted, and he quickly notified Nwabueze. He told me we were going to the center right away, which I was really glad to hear; I wanted to see it.

It was really great to meet Nwabueze and Ikechucwu; it felt like reuniting with long-lost family.

Ekaette with Star Three members

 As all of  us sat in the center, I showed them the mail, a book, and video I brought from Star One. They were very joyful to see some members of Center One on the video. Both of them wanted to know what happened to Kevin, David, and Deci—why they were not in the video. I thought about it for a second and then I agreed, they’re not in there. Then I realized that Kevin was not in the video because he was filming. I was really impressed that they practically knew everybody at Star One. We shared a lot of great personal experiences about Uriel, Star One’s relationship with Star Three and how Nwabueze had tried numerous times to visit while Uriel was alive but couldn’t. Star Center Three is very small yet there is great energy. Nwabueze, who is called the Moderator by the other students, and Ikechucwu are peaceful, really sharp with their knowledge of the Unarius concepts.

It was time for me to depart Owerri to Calabar in the evening. They told me it was getting late and that I should stay. It really didn’t make sense to me that I should stay overnight since I didn’t plan on staying and I didn’t bring a change of clothing. I told them I’ll be fine and that it was only five in the evening and by ten o’clock I should be home or close to being home. Both of them escorted me to the bus station, put me on bus, and off I went. I didn’t get far due to extreme traffic, so by the time I got to where I was supposed to make my connection to Calabar, it was midnight. Most drivers didn’t go my way and some didn’t want to drive on the road at midnight; they told me is not safe. One driver was going my way only in the morning. He told me I could stay on the bus until morning and his driving would start around five a.m. So I stayed on the bus until five in the morning. While I was there, Ikechucwu was calling me all the time to check on me and I told him everything that had happened. His answer was, “Stayed tuned to the Light Brothers; they’re with you.”

Star Center Three

The second visit to Star Three was much smoother. I drove with three family members from AkwaIbom to Owerri on Sunday morning. We left very early in the morning to beat the traffic. When we arrived, the Moderator looked at my family that was with me and told me he believed it was not an accident that a few of my family came with me at this time. Star Three holds their classes on the second Sunday of every month, so we attended the class. Nwabueze told us about his experience with Unarius before becoming the moderator, about members that had made their transition, and current members, including two that were coming from very far away, but that day they were unable to make class.

They were very appreciative about Star One’s support and assistance. They’re planning, hopefully, next year to be able to tune into the Conclave (through the live stream) despite the time difference. They use a generator to get electricity, which is needed to make an Internet connection, and the generator cannot be run all the time.

Before we left they gave us lot of food, drink—seemed like we were having little party. The road was really bad driving home because we made a wrong turn on the way back and ended up on a very bad road, but we got home early and safely.

Creativity–The Key to a More Fulfilling Life

September 6th, 2010

Our special topic class on creativity was wonderful to see and listen to the choralliers singing. Check out this short clip of Uriel and the choralliers.

Theatre Arts Workshop in Tijuana

August 7th, 2010

Cristina with Lani in the background

Over the years, part of Unarius’ Spanish outreach has included facilitating one-day workshops in Tijuana libraries, where the children constructed spaceships during the library’s summer program. Unarius student and Tijuana librarian Cristina Bravo invited Lani Calvert, who coordinates Spanish outreach, to participate again this year in the summer program. Since Lani works with music for a living, her first thought was to perform some songs in Spanish for the children.

Kevin teaching the kids to airbrush

However, as it turned out, both Cristina and Lani had set it up on the “inner” to do a more grandiose project. Four inspirational songs from four Disney movies were chosen as cores for vignettes.  As the plan unfolded, over the course of five days for three hours a day, the children learned about many aspects of theatre arts by participating in all processes of staging the vignettes. Thirty-two children took part, ranging in age from 8 to 12.

On Monday, Kevin and Tracey Kennedy drove down to Tijuana with Lani. Prior to the workshop, Kevin had printed an outline of one image from each of the songs on 5’ x 6’ pieces of vinyl, to be used as backdrops. After a brief demonstration of how to use an airbrush, the children started painting the backdrops while Kevin helped each child to successfully use the airbrush. Meanwhile, Tracey was filming and taking photos—and at the same timewas helplessly bombarded with the children’s questions in Spanish. The children then received some dialog and the lyrics for each of the four songs, which they could take home to practice for the upcoming auditions.

On Tuesday, William Proctor traveled to Tijuana to demonstrate how to cut and glue PVC pipe, so they could eventually make a framework to hang the stage curtains. Since the rest of the children were busy making larger-than-life “talking” birds from the scene in Cinderella, one child at a time would go to William and Iris, a lovely volunteer helper and translator, to try the process themselves.

On Wednesday, all the children participated in auditions for at least one part in the vignettes, either as actors or singers. Those children who ended up not being chosen for the main roles served as stagehands. The craft for the day involved each child making a mask for the beast from Beauty and the Beast, one of which was chosen for the scene.


Lani assisting with rehearsal

Thursday was used for a dress rehearsal, set and prop configuration, and putting it all together! Friday was the final rehearsal, up to the last minute, and then show time—what a whirlwind production! But the parents and other attendees loved it. They were constantly snapping photos with cameras and cell phones while William videotaped the whole show.

With the help of a few adults and the ever-present inspiration of the Unarius Brotherhood, the children did almost everything: beside acting and singing, they painted the backdrops, made the bird characters, came up with some of the staging and several of the costumes, provided the music on cue, and handled the props, backdrops, and curtains. They did amazingly well with so little time to prepare—a great demonstration of what can be done with a shoestring budget for materials but lots of heart and love in action by all involved!

To watch a video clip go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQiVTVwb1JE&feature=email


Video of the children’s enactment of “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from the movie Cinderella (In Spanish)

Unarius texts on CD/MP3

June 4th, 2010

Tempus Procedium digitally remastered on CD/MP3

We are pleased to announce that the Unarius audio department has recently completed digitally remastering another core text of the Unarius teachings from the original recordings.  You can purchase Tempus Procediums in CD or MP3 format: set of 17 CDs for $61, $48.80 with 20 % member discount, or $49 for MP3 format on two CDs, $39.20 for members; plus California tax and shipping.

“If I had to pick a favorite book, it would be Tempus Procedium. In his concise, articulate style, E. L. Norman presents an interdimensional science in layman’s terms. The scope of information is vast and deep, yet at the same time, it is wisdom that is applicable in everyday life. It is an endless treasure that I return to read over and over, each time understanding and enjoying it more.”—Lani C.

“Being able to hear the original soundtrack of Ernest L. Norman’s recordings of Tempus Procedium makes it even easier to be in touch with the high-frequency energies so imbued. I like to keep Tempus Prodcedium close by as it offers great insights into many subjects, from true healing, soul mates, religion, the inner worlds, how the energy body functions, etc. What is amazing to me is that no matter how many years pass, the information always seems new and fresh. It is definitely a lift from the mundane to the inner worlds of light and is always power-packed!”—Jennifer S.

Order Tempus Procedium through Unarius’ online store and visit the store to see the complete listing of books available in CD or MP3 format, including the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation, Conclave of Light Beings, and Infinite Perspectus.

Tesla & Unarius Light Up New York

April 9th, 2010

Plaque on the New Yorker Hotel room where Tesla lived for 10 years (see end of blog to read what is on plaque)

It is befitting that the New York, New Life Expo is held in the New Yorker Hotel, where Nikola Tesla lived the last ten years of his life.  Tesla literally lit up the world and thus ushered in a new age. While the light bulb that goes off in most people’s heads at the mention of electricity is related to Edison (who promoted DC or direct current), we would not have our modern age of electronics without Tesla’s development of AC (alternating current), and had he been supported, his ongoing work with high frequency would have given us all free energy today.

Unarius' booth in the Grand Ballroom

 Unarius’ booth at the expo was located underneath beautiful crystal chandeliers in the Grand Ballroom, the same room where Tesla celebrated his birthdays during his residency on 33rd floor of the hotel, so the hotel itself was permeated with his frequency.   The Unarius publications and students promote Tesla’s ongoing work on the inner worlds of spirit as much as his monumental earth-life accomplishments; thus, in terms of frequency relationship, it was no surprise that the booth resonated with his high frequencies.

Tesla Society of NY President in our booth

Not only did the president of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York pose for a photo in the booth that he said we can use to promote Tesla talks, but people who didn’t know of Tesla were drawn to the corner of the booth that had all the Tesla information and the tabletop Tesla coil. The lecture on “Free Energy with Telsa Technology,” given by David and Kevin, was packed beyond standing room and overflowed out the door.

 The interdimensional light being beamed from Tesla’s current home and lab on the inner were channeled through Unarius’ outreach and it was reflected in the faces of all who were seeking and recognized the inner light of wisdom and truth.

Click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaBby6_IfBM to see a video clip of the Tesla lecture on YouTube. And to see a video clip of the lecture on ”Spiritual Healing Through Past-Life Awareness,” given at the New Life Expo:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T6ybd4qxX4

Plaque on Tesla Room (click to enlarge)

Neosha’s Transition

April 8th, 2010

Dorothy Mandragos, known as Neosha (her spiritual name which meant star of light) recently made her transition into the spiritual worlds of light. She left her physical surrounded by her friends who stayed with her day and night to make sure she was as comfortable as could be. We are glad that she no longer has to suffer so much pain in her physical body.

We will miss her dearly as she touched so many people’s lives in so many ways–and provided lots of laughs too. She made tremendous progress as a Unarius student and served as a wonderful example of how to stay positive in spite of what you may be going through physically. She insisted that she always wear her Unarius pin every day. Two students, Kevin and Tracey, who spent a lot of time with her,  made sure it was on even during the last days when she was in a coma. She left the physical dressed in a butterfly shirt with her pin on upright!

Neosha with Uriel

Neosha helped the Unarius mission in so many ways, serving as a nurses aide to Uriel in her latter days. She always said she learned so much from Uriel from the time she spent with her daily. In recent years, Neosha helped Unarius financially with many donations. She felt strongly that her funds should help Unarius reach out to people all over the world. Among her many donations, she funded the purchase of new video equipment and upgrades, including high definition cameras, and audio equipment.  She also provided computers for streaming classes and for several students to work on Unarius projects.

Not good bye, Neosha, but until later, to a very special lady.