Unarius Celebrates 60 Years!

March 5th, 2014
And the Angels Sing, performing "I Just Called to Say I Love You"

And the Angels Sing, performing “I Just Called to Say I Love You”

Unarius celebrated 60 years of Love in Action with a “Tribute to Spirit” on February 16, 2014.  Highlights of the evening were the performance by the Unarius choralliers, And the Angels Sing; words of appreciation from Unarius students; and archival  footage of Ernest and Ruth Norman, in the early years.

In the words of Paul Rich-Greenwood, who watched the live stream of this wonderful event: “The angelic voices of the choral singers brought me to tears as I sang along and reminisced to so many wonderful memories when we sang those very words every time Uriel came to the Unarius Center. My mind was flooded with cherished recollections and celebrations when we would spend hours in Uriel’s aura and leave the Center floating on clouds in a glorious transcendence.

Ernest and Ruth Norman

Ernest and Ruth Norman

I loved watching the videos of Uriel and Raphiel at home, portraying beauty and playful humor as seemingly regular earth people; yet in reality, they were super-celestial overlords and avatars.

When I closed my eyes, I saw a huge circular coliseum-temple on the inner, with thousands of onlookers in celebration of the Hierarchy and the Unarius mission. The light was brilliant as shafts of white light illumined the facility, and each attendee was psychically bathed and cleansed in the luminance of blue, golden-orange, and rose-colored lights. Instead of each person walking through the flames of light, the entire facility was infused with each of the healing colors. I was reminded of scenes from the

Temple on the Inner Planes

Temple on the Inner Planes

Conclave of Light Beings book, as I saw cherubs and light beings, flying dancer/light beings, musicians, symphonies, and a host of interdimensional onlookers in celebration and honor of the Archangels. It seemed the audience was visiting from various planets and dimensions and was comprised of different levels of development. Each row of visitors represented a specific color, planet or plane, and level of development. There was a central platform in the middle of the room, and it seemed there was a visitation from the Hierarchy, but I don’t think it was in any sort of physical form. I sensed they were immersed with the light that infused the temple; they were Light.”

Watch highlights of the 60th Anniversary on YouTube.

Unarius at the LA Conscious Life Expo

February 15th, 2014
Dave w ICCC on panel - cropped

David Reynolds speaking on the Cosmic Science Panel

All fourteen students who represented Unarius at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo last weekend—February 7-9, 2014—had a wonderful demonstration of “love in action”! The attendance at the expo was the highest ever and there was a constant flow of people who visited Unarius’ booth. On Saturday afternoon, many of us attended the Cosmic Panel – The Science of the Future – hosted by George Noory, with David Reynolds representing Unarius on the panel of six notable speakers. We all felt David was inspired in his commentary and the hundreds of people who attended were very receptive, with several attendees expressing their appreciation for Unarius’ unique perspective after the event.

Here are David’s comments about this wonderful opportunity to introduce Unarius to so many people: “Representing the Unarius Academy of Science on the Cosmic Science Panel was so uplifting and exhilarating. To represent the science of the future was a dream come true. I felt the Unarius Brothers overshadowing the whole event!” Click here to watch a short video of David speaking: Cosmic Science Panel

Audience PLT lecture2

How Past Lives Influence You


Then on Sunday afternoon, Kevin and Tracey Kennedy presented a free lecture, “How Past Lives Influence You.” As you can see from the photo, the room as overflowing with over 60 people! The audience had great questions and several people came to Unarius booth in the exhibit hall to talk more to us.

Watch a portion of the lecture on YouTube: How Past Lives Influence You – Part 1 How Past Lives Influence You – Part 2

Tracey Kennedy: “It was such an exciting experience to be part of the lecture on past lives and share how much Unarius has helped me. I appreciate the opportunity to give examples of what I have learned and answer questions that will help others to experience the benefits of past-life therapy. The room was full and as I looked around, there were so many people who had questions, and I wished we had more time to answer. The time flew by so fast I was shocked when the room monitor told us we had 10 minutes left.”

Tracey & Kevin Kennedy speaking

Tracey & Kevin Kennedy speaking

Kevin Kennedy: “To take part in the lecture on “How Past Lives Influence You” was a wonderful opportunity. I felt and saw my past-life negations being dissolved as I shared how much Unarius has helped me and the love that has filled my life since becoming a student of these principles. The response was so positive and the questions so honest it was as the Moderator related in the lesson course, ‘When it is set up from the Inner everyone will feel the joy and have a good time.’ Love, love, love, Unarius!”

The 30th Interplanetary Conclave of Light Was Amazing!

October 19th, 2013

Nicholas Sauer, who traveled from Steamboat Springs, Colorado to attend the 30th Interplanetary Conclave of Light — “Inventing Earth’s Positive Future” — on October 12 & 13, 2013, wrote the following about this fantastic event:

This weekend was simply amazing, power-filled and love-filled!

I felt the pure love, pure acceptance, and pure oneness well up within me, and I knew, knew so certainly that these higher beings were real once and for all. This vibration was so strong that towards the end of the transmission the power caused me to actually start tearing up and crying for joy. It was just so overwhelming! All my past conceptions of what love is were wiped away in one fell swoop. I did not have to project anything or use the conscious mind in any way; all that was needed was an acceptance, which resulted in a melding I can only describe as oneness. What I am describing was the capstone of the event, the transmission, and there is so much more.

There was the trip to Jamul, the future landing site of the 32 other Interplanetary Confederation planets, and the energies there were amazing. There was a physical beauty there, but there was also what I felt on the inner that totally transcended me. In my mind’s eye I could see what this place had the potential to be and will be! It seemed to me as if the spaceships were already there, and on the inner worlds where time and space don’t express in the same way as here, they were! This was just the kicking off point of the event.

Watching the Choralliers sing was a new experience for me, not because I’ve never watched or heard them before, but because in the past I had always closed myself off to the upliftment of the sublime music. I felt the higher energies come through and truly appreciated this part of the event in a whole new way that I never had before!

The future technology presentation gives me hope that I will be able to share with my friends, family, and coworkers aspects of Unarius that can be readily accepted by the conscious mind, by sharing with them the Searl Magnetic technologies. It should be readily acceptable; it is something that has been proved to work in earlier experiments by Searl himself! Not only does the technology work, but the principles behind the technology are fully explained in the Infinite Concept of Cosmic CreationUnarius has the answers to why it works!

Nicholas with Banner for planet Po

Nicholas carrying planet Po banner

How exciting was it to be a part of the proclamation for world peace? I will admit I felt opposition within myself at first, and even felt like it would be a disaster! However Tracey walked by and happened to see that I was holding the sign to represent Lampet of Po, and she shared with me her experience of holding the same sign years ago; how she felt the love being projected from this planet to ours and how this confirmed in her mind the reality that we did have these brothers on other planets in the Interplanetary Confederation, who did indeed love us and understood our problems. Her sharing worked as a catalyst for me to tune-in and truly feel the love well up inside me from the planet Po and all the others. It was a amazing feeling, and my own opposition melted away in gratefulness to be a part of this great event!

The self-healing workshop was fantastic! I plan to keep my phobias and fears chart in my journal, right by my bed, and know how helpful it will be to follow through with it to help uncover the past so that the more creative, higher energies can really start flowing in. It is always interesting to see how other Unarius students overcame problems, and by sharing this we were all able to help each other be more progressive. The tune-in to the circular temple of light opened up a lot of things to my mind that I’m not completely conscious of yet, but I am sure in the coming days it will open up and become known to me.

It was such a great, power-filled weekend that will stick with me forever. I met so many students that I knew of or talked to in the past years but never in person, and students I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting yet until now.  What can I say? In a sense, I’ve found my true family; a progressive group of students that are truly striving for a positive future, and I feel like I’ve found a new measure of peace within myself.

Watch a 20- minute video of the highlights of the 30th Interplanetary Conclave of Light on YouTube.

International Outreach at Canadian Expo

June 13th, 2013


After months of planning and preparation, Tracey Kennedy, Kevin Kennedy, Celeste Appel, and Jack Appel (from the San Diego area), Celeste Barta (from a small town near Reno, Nevada), and Jennifer Stovall (from the greater Los Angeles area) traveled to Nanaimo,



British Columbia, Canada to represent Unarius at the Body Soul Spirit Expo the last weekend in April. The three-day expo was held in the beautiful, new Vancouver Island Conference Center in Nanaimo, a paradise of an area, described as “green, holistic, conscious, and aware.” Nanaimo is about two hours drive north of Victoria, on Vancouver Island, and has a major ferry hub for many of the islands and the mainland.

Students took turns staffing Unarius’ light-filled booth, showcasing books, CDs/MP3s, DVDs, literature and the model Tesla coil to demonstrate. High-frequency energies were projected to all, as the Unarius Brotherhood uses these events to touch all seekers. Those who visited the booth were very open to the teachings, for many felt free to converse about their dreams and visions, and past lives and healings.

On Saturday, Celeste Appel and Tracey Kennedy presented a lecture introducing how you can discover your past lives to heal yourself. When the audience of twenty-five or so people was asked if they believed they had lived many lives, almost all in attendance raised their hand. Several people also indicated that they knew of some of their former lifetimes. Then on Sunday, Celeste and Tracey facilitated a two-hour workshop, “Exploring Past Lives.” The workshop included hands-on application of the tools of past-life therapy and a short video presentation. To see a video clip of the lecture on YouTube: Uncover Past Lives–Heal Yourself! To see a video clip of the workshop: Exploring Past Lives 

Students in booth

Students in booth


We were excited that two long-time students, Kimberley Swaddling and Margaret Harding  who live near Vancouver, Canada, were able to participate in the workshop, after a taking a long ferry ride across the bay to Nanaimo on Sunday. It was fantastic that we met these two students in person, as we have talked with them for years via phone at the Unarius center in El Cajon.

Before leaving for home, the students enjoyed visiting the famous Butchart Gardens near Victoria. As you can see, the gardens are breathtaking! Touring them coincided with our study of Return to Atlantis, Vol. I, which has vivid descriptions of the exquisite and incredible beauty of Atlantis. To try to visualize the Atlantean gardens and then to actually see gardens that closely match the description given, was a fantastic experience, long to be remembered. See photos below and for more go to Spring in Butchart Gardens.



Sunken Garden

Sunken Garden



Fountain in Butchart Gardens

Fountain in Butchart Gardens











Unarius Interviewed on LA Talk Radio

March 21st, 2013

David Reynolds represented Unarius on the “Emerging Science Panel” at last month’s Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo (watch on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj_kDfoEcYc). This was a fantastic opportunity to introduce Unarius’ understanding of interdimensional physics and its importance in each of our lives. Radio show host Bruce Montalvo met Dave at this event and invited him to be interviewed on his talk show on KCAA 1050 AM . That interview happened on March 17 and was another great opportunity for Unarius. During the 50-minute interview, David  opens up about the various views and teachings of Unarius, touching upon the truth about energy and its functions in our lives. He also discusses the importance of the work of Ernest L. Norman, Ruth Norman (URIEL), Nikola Tesla, and Jesus of Nazareth and the positive influence they had, and how we can continue to learn from their example. David also talks about the important questions that concern past-life realizations and how we can learn from our past to find a path to a better future. To listen to the full interview on the Bruce Montalvo Show, click on this link to hear the podcast: http://kcaaradio.celestrion.net/kcaa-podcasts/montalvo/

Discover Your Past Lives Presentation at the Lightworkers Meeting

November 3rd, 2012

Unarius representatives Tracey and Kevin Kennedy were invited to speak to a metaphysical group, The Lightworkers, on Thursday, November 1, in La Mesa, California. The topic of how to discover your past lives was well received by the 35 plus attendees who showed plenty of interest during the two-hour presentation. It was exciting to see the participants’ receptivity and the quality and sincerity of their questions and comments. Many of the Lightworkers work and/or volunteer in the metaphysical community as massage therapists, psychics, hypnotherapists, Reiki practitioners, transformational breath helpers, and more. Kevin and Tracey were very happy to be able to share how past-life therapy has changed their life for the better and to discuss the wonderful science and pragmatic understanding of reincarnation that Unarius offers.

“It was amazing to see how receptive they were to Unarius and how many of them had been to the Center before, but now stated they were ready to purchase a book and study the texts!” –Kevin Kennedy


The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

April 24th, 2012

From time to time, Dr. Glenn Piner, Professor of Physics at Whittier College, near Los Angeles, has a class on the “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” and invites a representative from the Unarius Academy of Science to be a guest speaker.  This is a very popular class and always has a waiting list. My most recent talk in Dr. Piner’s class was on April 19, 2012, and once again I had the opportunity to present the Unarius perspective: that we are not alone in the universe and that extraterrestrial Space Brothers know full well of our existence!

Again, I felt the positive energy projections from the Unarius Brotherhood; I experience a great thrill when given the opportunity to speak about one of my favorite subjects.

There are certainly enough interesting, recent advances in the scientific discovery of alien worlds to talk about! NASA’s Kepler probe, on its mission to  search for habitable planets, keeps finding more exoplanets in our galaxy, planets that are known to orbit other star systems. There are more than 200 earth-size candidates that have been found so far!

The last ten minutes or so of my presentation are for questions and answers, and the student’s questions are always interesting. At the end of the talk, I make available The Truth About Mars fliers for those who may have an interest to learn more.

—David Reynolds

Decie Hook Made Her Transition

January 8th, 2012

Recently, Decie Hook made her transition to the spiritual worlds. She first contacted Unarius in 1976 and throughout her thirty-five years as a student, she supported the Unarius mission in many different ways. Decie attended classes regularly and shared her testimonials of healing, her beautiful visions of the inner worlds, and psychic experiences from having taken part in projects that influenced her life in a positive way.

Most of the beautiful dresses you see Uriel wearing in the videos were designed and sewn by Decie through Uriel’s overshadowing influence. As the head of the costume department, she worked with other students who assisted her in creating the costumes worn by students for the psychodrama filming. She also expressed herself creatively through doing the makeup and hair design for the filming. As a cosmetologist, Decie was able to help Uriel with her hair and wigs, which provided yet another opportunity to work out her negative karma with her spiritual teacher through such a close physical relationship.

Decie was able to overcome many past-life negations this lifetime, moving herself forward in her progressive evolution. Now she is continuing her spiritual education in the classrooms on the inner worlds. So no good-byes, for we just might be attending those same classrooms with her in our sleep-state!

Past-Life Therapy–Getting to the Root of Cancer

November 24th, 2011

Lani Calvert was recently invited by radio host Lea Yekutiel to speak on her talk show “Waves of Healing.” The interview focused on Past-Life Therapy in general but also provided a personal example involving breast cancer, as this is the subject of Lea’s own work. Following are Lani’s comments about the interview:

“Lea was very open, so I really enjoyed the opportunity to share how Unarius principles can help the truth seeker to discover the actual cause of a problem instead of just getting rid of the symptoms and then trying to make the best of it. Lea ended the interview by telling me: ‘I really appreciate your time and your effort to be here and to educate my listeners . . . you are so passionate about it–I can feel it in your voice, how passionate you are!'”

To hear the full interview: part 1  |  part 2

Unarius Africa Celebrates IPC Day

November 20th, 2011

At the 28th Interplanetary Conclave of Light last month, we were very excited to hear Ekaette Udo speak about the Interplanetary Confederation of Light celebration in Africa! She had returned from her trip to Nigeria just in time to attend the annual Conclave of Light event in El Cajon. Here is a recap of what she related.

Ekaette speaking at the 28th Interplanetary Conclave of Light

I am pleased to share Unarius Africa’s celebration of “Her 28th Interplanetary Confederation of Light.” This celebration took place on October 8 in my village in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria. Unarius Star Center Three is in Imo State; this year was the first celebration out of that state. The people were very receptive to the positive energy and information from our Space Brothers. It was a very auspicious day for everybody in our village, country, continent—the entire planet Earth—to receive the Infinite Touch of Light. Everybody was really expressing themselves that day. There were many people, particularly the children, with smiling faces and laughter, dancing, singing, etc. I really thank Archangel Uriel for giving us the inspiration to have the celebration in a different location this year. And I thank all the Unarius students very much for their collaborative effort for this celebration to take place.

We have started many programs in the village to help the children. Fountainhead Library is one of the programs, featuring Unarius books and several short stories for children, that will enable kids to learn how to read and write while studying the principles of Unarius.

If you would like to donate funds to help purchase needed items, like laptop computers, for the children’s programs, please contact the Unarius Center in El Cajon.

Check out photos of the Unarius Africa celebration on YouTube: http://youtu.be/vCmUFJrYSfI