Unarius Africa Celebrates IPC Day

At the 28th Interplanetary Conclave of Light last month, we were very excited to hear Ekaette Udo speak about the Interplanetary Confederation of Light celebration in Africa! She had returned from her trip to Nigeria just in time to attend the annual Conclave of Light event in El Cajon. Here is a recap of what she related.

Ekaette speaking at the 28th Interplanetary Conclave of Light

I am pleased to share Unarius Africa’s celebration of “Her 28th Interplanetary Confederation of Light.” This celebration took place on October 8 in my village in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria. Unarius Star Center Three is in Imo State; this year was the first celebration out of that state. The people were very receptive to the positive energy and information from our Space Brothers. It was a very auspicious day for everybody in our village, country, continent—the entire planet Earth—to receive the Infinite Touch of Light. Everybody was really expressing themselves that day. There were many people, particularly the children, with smiling faces and laughter, dancing, singing, etc. I really thank Archangel Uriel for giving us the inspiration to have the celebration in a different location this year. And I thank all the Unarius students very much for their collaborative effort for this celebration to take place.

We have started many programs in the village to help the children. Fountainhead Library is one of the programs, featuring Unarius books and several short stories for children, that will enable kids to learn how to read and write while studying the principles of Unarius.

If you would like to donate funds to help purchase needed items, like laptop computers, for the children’s programs, please contact the Unarius Center in El Cajon.

Check out photos of the Unarius Africa celebration on YouTube: http://youtu.be/vCmUFJrYSfI

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  1. Lani says:

    Ekaette, you truly are an inspiration in following through on your vision! The photos of the IPC celebration in your village are precious and it was amazing to hear how much you are doing with so few physical resources–really exemplifying Love in Action as you serve as a light worker for the Unarius Brotherhood.

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