How a Traumatic Reliving of Past Lifetimes Can Seem So Real

Twenty-five years ago my husband, my daughter, and I moved from Ontario, Canada to El Cajon, California so that my husband and I could attend classes in Past-Life Therapy at the Unarius Academy of Science. Through our studies we were made aware that not only did we live past lifetimes on planet Earth, but we had lived many lives on many other planets. Some of these lives were lived in the constellation of Orion on planet Tyron, where the Emperor, named Tyrantus, and the inhabitants were very negatively biased people and only desired to conquer other worlds to build a stronger empire. It did not matter to these evil doers how their militaries would conquer these worlds, or how many millions of people would die as a result of their actions. They thought of a variety of ways to conquer many planets: beside warfare, they spread diseases, viruses, and poison gases that weakened the inhabitants’ physical bodies so that they would not have the strength to fight back. Many of these people gave up under extreme duress and begged the Orionites for mercy, as they felt they had no choice but to join the Orion Empire if they wanted to survive.

Information about the Orion Empire has been published by the Unarius Academy in a series of books: the History of the Universe and the Decline and Destruction of the Orion Empire. The History of the Universe explains, from an interdimensional perspective, how our present-day civilization is a continuity of the Orion civilization, which existed over 800,000 years ago; and the Decline & Destruction books are the actual past-life memories and healings of individuals who lived at that time.

I was one of many who took part in these evil deeds and lived only to get a reward—to obtain a higher position and to be recognized by the Emperor Tyrantus. I was made aware through an Akashic Reading given to me at the Academy that I had worked in a military laboratory for the Orion government, helping to create viruses, which were then spread via the water system, the food, and the air on the planets that we wanted to conquer. I am not proud of what I have done in these past lives. Not only have I received the negative feedback of my evil deeds in this present lifetime, but in my very last lifetime, I died of viral meningitis in 1951 as a nine-month-old baby. I died from one of the same viruses that I had created in that long-ago time in the Orion laboratories. I suffered the same fate as those people who suffered and died on the planets that had been infected with viruses. Then in 1952, I was born once again through the same mother into my current lifetime to experience the numerous infections that I have caused others, such as several kidney and bladder infections, numerous digestive tract problems, and rheumatic fever due to strep throat, which caused minor damage to one of my heart valves.

In my present lifetime I vowed that I would turn around these negative energies with the help of my spiritual teachers that have been working with me for many lifetimes, and in-between lifetimes in their spiritual schools on the inner planes. I vowed that I would take every opportunity presented to me to become free of my heavy karma and to raise myself one step higher into my progressive evolution, and I am becoming freer by helping those whom I have harmed in the past. I know, without a doubt, that I have been guided to become a Certified Reflexologist so that I could be given the opportunity to help my many victims. Every day my victims walk through my office door and ask for help for their pain and suffering, and as I massage their sore pressure points I am aware that these are the people whom I have harmed in these past lifetimes in Orion. As I become aware and accept how I have harmed them, I am always amazed by how fast they improve. I know that it is not just my physical touch that has helped them, but due to my acceptance of the harm I have caused them, this changes negative energies within their energy body just as it does to my energy body. The shock that I have caused these souls is now being lessened and it manifests as changes in their physical bodies.

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  1. Wayne says:

    What else could I say, past-lifetherapy does work as long as one is willing to do the hard work. OK, you do need desire as well.

  2. Hercules says:

    Thank you for posting these! The entries are extremely helpful to me as I learn about, and experiment with, the techniques of Part Life Terapy!

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