Neosha’s Transition

Dorothy Mandragos, known as Neosha (her spiritual name which meant star of light) recently made her transition into the spiritual worlds of light. She left her physical surrounded by her friends who stayed with her day and night to make sure she was as comfortable as could be. We are glad that she no longer has to suffer so much pain in her physical body.

We will miss her dearly as she touched so many people’s lives in so many ways–and provided lots of laughs too. She made tremendous progress as a Unarius student and served as a wonderful example of how to stay positive in spite of what you may be going through physically. She insisted that she always wear her Unarius pin every day. Two students, Kevin and Tracey, who spent a lot of time with her,  made sure it was on even during the last days when she was in a coma. She left the physical dressed in a butterfly shirt with her pin on upright!

Neosha with Uriel

Neosha helped the Unarius mission in so many ways, serving as a nurses aide to Uriel in her latter days. She always said she learned so much from Uriel from the time she spent with her daily. In recent years, Neosha helped Unarius financially with many donations. She felt strongly that her funds should help Unarius reach out to people all over the world. Among her many donations, she funded the purchase of new video equipment and upgrades, including high definition cameras, and audio equipment.  She also provided computers for streaming classes and for several students to work on Unarius projects.

Not good bye, Neosha, but until later, to a very special lady.

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