Tesla & Unarius Light Up New York

Plaque on the New Yorker Hotel room where Tesla lived for 10 years (see end of blog to read what is on plaque)

It is befitting that the New York, New Life Expo is held in the New Yorker Hotel, where Nikola Tesla lived the last ten years of his life.  Tesla literally lit up the world and thus ushered in a new age. While the light bulb that goes off in most people’s heads at the mention of electricity is related to Edison (who promoted DC or direct current), we would not have our modern age of electronics without Tesla’s development of AC (alternating current), and had he been supported, his ongoing work with high frequency would have given us all free energy today.

Unarius' booth in the Grand Ballroom

 Unarius’ booth at the expo was located underneath beautiful crystal chandeliers in the Grand Ballroom, the same room where Tesla celebrated his birthdays during his residency on 33rd floor of the hotel, so the hotel itself was permeated with his frequency.   The Unarius publications and students promote Tesla’s ongoing work on the inner worlds of spirit as much as his monumental earth-life accomplishments; thus, in terms of frequency relationship, it was no surprise that the booth resonated with his high frequencies.

Tesla Society of NY President in our booth

Not only did the president of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York pose for a photo in the booth that he said we can use to promote Tesla talks, but people who didn’t know of Tesla were drawn to the corner of the booth that had all the Tesla information and the tabletop Tesla coil. The lecture on “Free Energy with Telsa Technology,” given by David and Kevin, was packed beyond standing room and overflowed out the door.

 The interdimensional light being beamed from Tesla’s current home and lab on the inner were channeled through Unarius’ outreach and it was reflected in the faces of all who were seeking and recognized the inner light of wisdom and truth.

Click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaBby6_IfBM to see a video clip of the Tesla lecture on YouTube. And to see a video clip of the lecture on “Spiritual Healing Through Past-Life Awareness,” given at the New Life Expo:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T6ybd4qxX4

Plaque on Tesla Room (click to enlarge)

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