Love in Action at LA Conscious Life Expo

Demonstrating Tesla coil

 Unarius’ participation in the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo 2010 was a fantastic demonstration of “love in action”! Fourteen of us traveled to Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day weekend, February 12-14, to represent Unarius. We met and talked with lots of interested people at our booth, which featured core Unarius texts, DVDs, the small Tesla coil for demonstration, and teachings translated into Spanish, including the just completed translation of the Voice of Venus book.  

Tracey Kennedy and Jack Appel cofacilitated the “Spiritual Healing Through Past-Life Awareness” lecture to a very attentive audience that filled the room to capacity. Lani Calvert gave a free lecture on the “Science of Past-Life Therapy” for Spanish speakers and also represented Unarius on the Angel panel for Spanish speaking expo attendees.

Lani speaking on Angel panel

Even though those of us who heard her speak don’t speak Spanish, or very little, we intuitively understood a lot of what she said and saw the positive response of the audience. And Dave Reynolds represented Unarius on the 2012 panel, relating how each one of us can help bring about a New Golden Age for our planet. We are proud of all those who spoke on behalf of Unarius.

Watch a short clip of each speaker on YouTube  And you can see more expo pictures on our Facebook page at

What a great way to spend Valentine’s Day weekend, sharing the love and light that we have all received from the Unarius Brotherhood.

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  1. Lani says:

    As I was reading the blog, watching the video clip, and looking at the pictures, I realized that we were not doing an expo INSTEAD of celebrating Unarius’ anniversary on the weekend of the 14th but rather the expo was actually a three-day celebration for the participating students. They were showing their appreciation of the cofounders and how wonderful the science is by putting what they have learned into action and “walking the talk!”

  2. Tracey Kennedy says:

    I loved being able to participate in the Expo as a representative for Unarius. It was so exciting being able to share Unarius with new people answering their questions and watching them “discover” the science for the first time.

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