Singing in Las Vegas

Claudia Vargas came to the Unarius booth at the Cosmic Consciousness Expo in Tijuana, Mexico, in March 2008, relating her experiences in the schoolrooms on the astral plane of Venus and wanting to know more. To her delight, underneath the table was the one and only copy brought to the expo of the book The Voice of Venus. Besides purchasing the book, she related her goal to bring such spiritual teachings to Las Vegas in the future and asked if Unarius would take part. On November 16-17, the dream came to life and the first Spanish-English expo was held in a city renown for its gambling and excess. Unarius had a booth and two lectures were given in Spanish titled “Self-Healing Through Past Life Therapy.”

William and Lani performing "Colors of the Wind"

William and Lani performing "Colors of the Wind"

Also on both nights, Unarius students Lani Calvert and William Proctor sang songs in both Spanish and English. Claudia had related her inspiration to present the song “Cantaré, Cantarás” (I will Sing, You Will Sing) with slides and in both languages. However, neither a full version of the song in English nor an instrumental accompaniment track could be found. So with the help of the Unarius Brotherhood, Lani was able to quickly channel a version of the song in English and figure out guitar chords to accompany the singing. Since the original song was like a Spanish version of “We Are the World,” sung by a “who’s who” of Spanish singers and with proceeds going to third world countries and UNICEF, Lani encouraged other Spanish singers to join in and Ariadna Tapia did so on the Spanish version. Among other highlights was the Spanish version of “Colors of the Wind,” performed in costume.

Claudia wrote a note of appreciation after the event, in Spanish, stating the following:
The songs were gorgeous, the voices were able to unite the whole group, your singing and writing is lovely, the music is a true delight to listen to . . .

But both Claudia and Lani realized that they had set all this up on the inner planes before incarnating, and it was only a matter of being open and carrying it through in the physical!

Three cheers to Claudia for following her inspiration and working so hard to materialize her vision in Las Vegas. It was like a little bit of heaven transported down to Earth.

Cantaré, Cantarás – original version of the song, sung by Ariadna, William, and Lani

I WIll Sing, You WIll Sing – English lyrics by Unarius Brothers through Lani, sung by Lani and WIlliam

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