Comments about the 26th Interplanetary Conclave of Light

The 26th Interplanetary Conclave of Light, held October 10 & 11, was fantastic! Two individuals who watched the live stream of Conclave events held at the Unarius Center—the open house, self-healing workshop, and mental contact with the Space Brothers—share their appreciation:

What an amazing event! I will never forget it, and cannot wait for next year. It was beyond anything the material world, in all its luster, could ever offer. During one of the live sessions, there was the video where Uriel encouraged the students to let go, and to leave our bodies and to enter the Temple of Shamballa. That is when I received something almost indescribable, like a bolt of Love.

Although I had to watch the event from home, it still brought a lot of positive energy directly to me, and to my surroundings, and thank you for having the courage to make such a thing possible. It seems like there are a lot of great people behind the Unarius mission, and that gives me great delight. Yet like all of us we all have our own past-life negativities to work out and it was absolutely wonderful to share in some of such things.
—Nicholas S., Wisconsin

Dear Unarius Friends,

It was grand to be with all of you via streaming for the Interplanetary Conclave. I felt I was among you and enjoyed being able to participate in that way. The power from the Advanced Beings is evident everywhere as I felt it also here in my living room while watching and listening to the projections of love and healing and encouragement from them to us all.

I have since the Conclave felt a new sense of capability to handle daily life challenges and creative ideas have become noticeably more abundant. This new confidence in my outlook is such a pleasure and a sign of positive progression.

My acknowledgment to all of you with appreciation for the parts you took in the Conclave to help move us all forward. The results of your efforts are evident in the fine way the whole Conclave was carried out. My appreciation to each of you.

In the Light and Love of the Brothers for us all,

Joyce I., Johnson City, Tennessee

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