61 Years of Love in Action

Unarius, 61 Years of Love in Action

by Paula Rich-Greenwood


Sixty-one years,

sixty-one millennia,

and for sixty-one million years,

earthbound souls sought the key to freedom.

Since time ever lasting,

seems forever we searched for True Love,

we searched the byways, the star ways, and infinite highways.

True Love always alluded us when we traversed the lowly ways

in darkened doorways and fiery hell days.


Desolate soul calls reverberated through our beings

and a million souls resounded thunderings

as voices in unison with tear-stained faces

and eyes upturned toward heaven’s graces.

Who shall heed our cries?

And see our upturned eyes?

To answer our quest for mercy’s test,

we championed duality with our Best.

When True Love touches our heart,

tis then, we are no longer apart.


The key to freedom

set forth from Archangel’s wisdom

tis a true test for endurance,

fortitude, will, might, and patience

to overcome the beastly self

and emerge a brilliant brighter self

in the essence of True Love’s Light.


The key to freedom

is to care for the garden path

to toil the earth with sod and grass,

and to harvest the bounty in love, en masse.
The path to freedom

is first set forth by truth seekers, caretakers,

and Infinite Light Workers,

who nurture the Way-Seers

and reciprocate True Love’s Infinite Keepers;

the Unarius Brothers/Sisters/Archangels

who manifest freedom through evolutionary changes.


Unarius, a million millennia with Love in Action.



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