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Highlights of the 2014 New Life Expo

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

On the weekend of March 21-23, nine Unariuns had the opportunity to share the love and light of Unarius at the New Life Expo in New York City. Hundreds of people visited Unarius’ booth, some engaging in conversation; thereby, giving us the opportunity to share how Unarius has helped us and encouraging them on their own pathway to enlightenment.

There was standing-room only in both lectures! We videotaped them, so you can see highlights on Unarius’ YouTube channel: “How Past Lives Influence You” and “Tesla Technology: Opening the Cosmic Window”

One of the highlights for all us who participated in the expo was the opportunity to meet—in person—one of Unarius’ newest students, Guillermo Briceno, who lives in Manhattan. Guillermo has been participating in the classes (held at the center in El Cajon) via the live stream since December of 2012. We really appreciated how he jumped right into helping in the booth and was so enthusiastic! We could tell he had put a lot of consciousness into preparing himself for this opportunity and sensed that people could feel his sincerity and love for Unarius when he spoke with them.

Here are Guillermo’s comments about his experience at the New Life Expo:

Guillermo talking to people

Guillermo talking to people

“Representing Unarius at the expo was a real thrill, and it was challenging for me. It felt like it was a midterm or something where I had to show that I’ve been paying attention to the classes and teachings that I’ve been studying for the past year. I even studied a bit more often weeks before the event, so I could be extra prepared to talk to the people I would meet at the expo; but nothing could really prepare me. And I can’t believe how much Spanish I had to speak on behalf of our booth! [New York is ranked fourth in the USA for its percentage of Spanish-speaking residents]. Although I’m of Hispanic descent, I’m pretty disconnected from my culture, and I was unprepared for that, but I apparently I did an okay job. . . . I decided to just be myself and let my studies speak for me. And I was really happy to see that there were a good number of local folks here in NYC who responded very positively to us, and I hope we hear from them soon.”