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Unarius Interviewed on LA Talk Radio

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

David Reynolds represented Unarius on the “Emerging Science Panel” at last month’s Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo (watch on YouTube at This was a fantastic opportunity to introduce Unarius’ understanding of interdimensional physics and its importance in each of our lives. Radio show host Bruce Montalvo met Dave at this event and invited him to be interviewed on his talk show on KCAA 1050 AM . That interview happened on March 17 and was another great opportunity for Unarius. During the 50-minute interview, DavidĀ  opens up about the various views and teachings of Unarius, touching upon the truth about energy and its functions in our lives. He also discusses the importance of the work of Ernest L. Norman, Ruth Norman (URIEL), Nikola Tesla, and Jesus of Nazareth and the positive influence they had, and how we can continue to learn from their example. David also talks about the important questions that concern past-life realizations and how we can learn from our past to find a path to a better future. To listen to the full interview on the Bruce Montalvo Show, click on this link to hear the podcast: