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Unarius texts on CD/MP3

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Tempus Procedium digitally remastered on CD/MP3

We are pleased to announce that the Unarius audio department has recently completed digitally remastering another core text of the Unarius teachings from the original recordings.  You can purchase Tempus Procediums in CD or MP3 format: set of 17 CDs for $61, $48.80 with 20 % member discount, or $49 for MP3 format on two CDs, $39.20 for members; plus California tax and shipping.

“If I had to pick a favorite book, it would be Tempus Procedium. In his concise, articulate style, E. L. Norman presents an interdimensional science in layman’s terms. The scope of information is vast and deep, yet at the same time, it is wisdom that is applicable in everyday life. It is an endless treasure that I return to read over and over, each time understanding and enjoying it more.”—Lani C.

“Being able to hear the original soundtrack of Ernest L. Norman’s recordings of Tempus Procedium makes it even easier to be in touch with the high-frequency energies so imbued. I like to keep Tempus Prodcedium close by as it offers great insights into many subjects, from true healing, soul mates, religion, the inner worlds, how the energy body functions, etc. What is amazing to me is that no matter how many years pass, the information always seems new and fresh. It is definitely a lift from the mundane to the inner worlds of light and is always power-packed!”—Jennifer S.

Order Tempus Procedium through Unarius’ online store and visit the store to see the complete listing of books available in CD or MP3 format, including the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation, Conclave of Light Beings, and Infinite Perspectus.