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Timely Quote from Ernest L. Norman

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

This is from the Q and A section of a lecture given in 1961 by Ernest
Norman. Today we could substitute Al Qaeda, the Taliban, etc. for

Student – “I was wondering if there is any danger of it [Communism] growing throughout the world?”

E.L. Norman – “You should be concerned only in this respect, in your
own personal way, because that is why we have Unarius. We want a
higher science of life; we want a higher understanding of life
because that puts us above the dimension of influences of Communism
or any other kind of ‘ism.’ If we understand what the Infinite is,
what our purpose is as regenerative entities of consciousness of the
Infinite, then we are above Communism; we do not have to subscribe
to any kind of a system. We are only subscribing to one system
itself and that is the life-giving principle of Infinity. Up until
now you have symbolized that as some configuration in a deistic
sense, but now, it is getting to the point where it is going to be
your own moral responsibility. Whether you say it is Communism or
whether it is any other particular ‘ism’ or ‘osm’ in the world,
you’re going to have to be selective on this basis–when you
understand or when you are beginning to understand the Infinite and
when you can sustain your evolution, you can put yourself above the
coercive or the dominating influences of these various dogmas or
ideologies, whatever they are, and in living above them, you
automatically become more creative. You can lend your hand, so to
speak, to others who are struggling through the same maze that you
went through, the same catacombs, the same labyrinth.”—from Tempus Invictus

Renovation of the Star Center

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

This year we have been renovating the Star Center (read the Jan. 31, 2009 entry), a beautiful room within the Unarius Center that is covered with floor-to-ceiling wall murals depicting Atlantis at its zenith. We have accomplished a lot. The low false ceiling has been removed, the corners of the new two-foot-higher ceiling have been rounded, and the new ceiling has been replastered and painted sky blue, ready for clouds to be air brushed on it.

After 29 years, the clear coat had yellowed on the mural, so we are touching it up, giving it a bright, new frequency. New molding is being added near the top of the walls that will support recessed lighting. And as you will see in the photos below, we are making the pillars 3-D instead of being just painted on the wall. We also plan on adding a new heating/air conditioning unit to make the room more comfortable. All of us are looking forward to participating in classes, workshops, and special events that will be held in the Star Center when it is completed

You can contribute your positive consciousness to this special room by making a donation to Unarius to help pay for the  renovation, which will cost over $6,000.  Unarius is a tax-exempt, nonprofit foundation so any donations you make are tax deductible.  Thanks for your support!

Creating 3-D Pillars


Quote from Infinite Contact

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

“Life is infinite and you need not be emotionally concerned with the present moment because each moment is not valuable to you in terms of a long lifetime but only in the polarization derived and extracted from the various forms of expressive motion which are passing through these moments. For, in the future eons of time, your ability to live and function in a higher dimension or way of life will depend upon polarized abstractions of these experiences.”   –excerpted from the book Infinite Contact

Unarius in the Mother Goose Parade

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Unarius had the great opportunity to participate in the 63rd Mother Goose Parade on November 22, 2009 in El Cajon.  It had been many years since we had entered the Space Cad in this parade, and this year we offered to do a dove release from the small spaceship mounted on the roof of the car. All of us were so excited that the parade organizers decided that the dove release would be a great way to start the parade!  So the Space Cad led the Mother Goose Parade along the two mile route, with many smiles and thumbs up from the thousands of people watching the parade.   Check out this footage Mother Goose Parade

Mother Goose 2Mother GooseRocketSpace Cad DoveDoveSpace Cad 1Space Cad StudentsSpace Cad Parade 1Space Cad 5Space Cad 6


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