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Appreciation for Auspicious Ambassadors

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Doves of Peace Flying from the Space cadillac

Thirty-three white doves, representing the spiritual leaders of each planet in the Interplanetary Confederation, took flight from the center of the small town of Pine Valley, California today. The general public lining the parade route was most likely unaware of their significance, but the beautiful ambassadors of peace brought enthusiastic applause and delighted smiles from young and old alike. While Unarius foots the bill for these representatives at the yearly Conclave of Light event, the parade coordinator took over this responsibility so they could make this unscheduled appearance well before their 26th annual flight for the Conclave, which will take place in the Balboa Park Organ Pavilion on October 10.

As can be seen in one of the photos sent by the coordinator, two doves have paused for photo ops before taking flight from the rim of their customary launching pad of a small spaceship, seen here mounted atop the Space Cad. Unarius also received a sweet thank you note accompanying the photos:

“Absolutely FABULOUS! It was the hit of the day. I was so spellbound watching all the doves fly out . . . Thank you so much for pulling it all together at the last minute. It was sooo appreciated!” —Corinne Lewis, 2009 Parade CoordinatorP7240058