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Renovation of the Star Center

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

This year we have been renovating the Star Center (read the Jan. 31, 2009 entry), a beautiful room within the Unarius Center that is covered with floor-to-ceiling wall murals depicting Atlantis at its zenith. We have accomplished a lot. The low false ceiling has been removed, the corners of the new two-foot-higher ceiling have been rounded, and the new ceiling has been replastered and painted sky blue, ready for clouds to be air brushed on it.

After 29 years, the clear coat had yellowed on the mural, so we are touching it up, giving it a bright, new frequency. New molding is being added near the top of the walls that will support recessed lighting. And as you will see in the photos below, we are making the pillars 3-D instead of being just painted on the wall. We also plan on adding a new heating/air conditioning unit to make the room more comfortable. All of us are looking forward to participating in classes, workshops, and special events that will be held in the Star Center when it is completed

You can contribute your positive consciousness to this special room by making a donation to Unarius to help pay for the  renovation, which will cost over $6,000.  Unarius is a tax-exempt, nonprofit foundation so any donations you make are tax deductible.  Thanks for your support!

Creating 3-D Pillars


Unarius Updates the Star Center!

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

In the ongoing process of making sure the Unarius Academy looks it best to the public we have begun the updating of the Star Center. Several students have visited a few resorts in Las Vegas recently and have seen ceilings painted with beautiful sky and cloud scenes. They left with the inspiration and prompting of the Brothers to do something similar to the Star Center. This involves removing the low false ceiling and rounding the corners from the side walls to the real ceiling which is two feet higher. Once the plaster work is finished, several artists will extend the sky and clouds to the full extent of the ceiling to complete the illusion of standing in an Atlantean temple.

The Star Center, inspired by Uriel, was originally created as a place for Ruth Norman to meet and greet the media and celebrities from all over the world. Over the last 28 years since its completion, the protective clear coat has yellowed and some of the mirrors have had to be replaced, thus losing the art that was on those mirrors. All of this will be renewed as the renovation moves forward, bringing the frequency and uplifting energies of the room to its highest level.

We look forward to sharing with the world this wonderful rejuvenation of the Unarius Center and hope to see you here soon!