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New from Unarius Video Productions!

Sunday, January 11th, 2009


Highlights from the First and Second
Conclave of Light

58 minutes • DVD $10, iPod or MP4 $5 + Cal. Tax & Shipping; Members receive a 20% discount

As Uriel speaks about the significance of the First and Second Conclave of Light, the viewer is shown highlights of presentations given at these exciting events, including: archival footage of Uriel addressing the audience about the Interplanetary Confederation and the future arrival of the Space Brothers on our planet; clips of The Arrival movie which premiered at the World Conclave II; excerpts from the confederation planet presentations on planets El and Rey and how they were helped by Uriel’s contact. The highlights program concludes with an attunement by Uriel to the 32 worlds of the Confederation, and the inner worlds, for their light-filled love radiations.

The new video program also includes an informative and transcending interview with Uriel titled Bridge to Heaven – Part 3. Uriel explains how students can actualize the Unarius science in their lives and gives wonderful examples of her students’ healings.

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