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Importance of Studying

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

The Academy received an email from home-study student Nicholas Sauer about studying the Unarius texts and how it was helping him. His email was right in synch with a letter on the importance of studying,  from the  Unarius archives, that was read in a class session shortly afterward.

Here is what Nicholas had to say: I’ve had some interesting personal experiences in regard to my studies of Unarius. There was a period where I was devoting almost every hour of my day to studying, especially in the morning and at night. I was very happy, feeling more loving toward all the people around me, more friendly and aware. I felt like the Brothers were always only a thought away and I often thought of them as friends and helpers that were working with me rather than “holier-than-thou” type entities. Everything was going smoothly, but slowly my focus shifted from studying every chance I had to just every now and then, maybe a half hour here and there during the day just to tune in and feel good about myself. I had a very subconscious thought that with five years of being a student and absorbing knowledge from the books, I should be able to do without studying and simply tune within and I would still find life beautiful as before.

However, I saw that my life had changed in a very subtle way, that I avoided people and my thoughts were more negative and chaotic. I let this all happen for about a week, until I noticed what the real change within my life was; that I was giving the outside, reactionary world more reality and importance than my studies of Unarius and the inner worlds. Now I’ve gotten back to setting my alarm clock early so I can study in the mornings, which has become the most important part of my day to study, and using this month period to analyze myself, I can see just how important studying Unarius has become to me! It really has become the rock of my life because my happiness just doesn’t compare when I’m not studying! I’ve been able to work through the hardest tribulations of my life because of having Unarius, and this last month has only recrystallized my dedication to understanding Unarius and the Infinite, and to dedicate myself completely.

I’m sure the rest of the Unarius students have had these same experiences, the conflict between the inner realms that we contact while studying and the reactionary world that we are inherently a part of just by being alive. It’s amazing how high we lift our consciousness in our studies, and how fast we can dissipate that elevation by changing the channel!

The letter that was read in class was written by Ruth Norman (envelop was dated 11-29-71), and its purpose, as stated at the beginning of the letter, was “to help individuals who have, at some time during the past few years, made contact with Unarius . . . especially in instances where the student has become somewhat lax in his efforts to carry on with his study, or that his interests may have waned, we wish to try to help renew or restimulate his inner desire or urge for spiritual wisdom, so you may carry on in your self-mastery program, to again become actively engaged in your individual, regenerative progressive evolution—the way to a better future.”

The letter goes on to make some strong points: “There is only one reason why the student does not experience changes, help, and a new way of life, and one reason only: LACK OF STUDY. No sincere student can remain steadfast in his efforts to conceive the Science, without experiencing results—results of an infinite variety. This little missive to you is simply to prompt your interest, to try to encourage you who have at one time heard this ‘call’ to prepare yourself: preparation for your own future years and lives, both here and on other distant planets. Our urge is that you may again begin your unfoldment process—your spiritual awakening!

“This material world has served a purpose for you, yea, many hundreds of years and lifetimes, but the fact that you have been touched on the shoulder, so to speak, to begin your climb upward in wisdom does go to prove that you are one of those certain numbers who can, at this time, begin to prepare yourself for life on higher worlds. . . . Your return to your study, your contact with us here, again, will make this help possible; for help must be always given in proportion to the individual’s own efforts. Otherwise, life’s purpose would be defeated; evolution would be meaningless. . . .

“The Unarius Science is indeed unique to any other teaching which you have ever, or will ever encounter; for it was written not from the conscious mind of an earthman, but is actually a creation of the very Infinite Mind of Creative Intelligence. Thus, these principles can be impinged within your own psychic anatomy to actually change its existing vibrating rate. Moreover, your times of attunement or study create an alignment with the Minds on the Higher Worlds and with we Channels, here, who can and do work with you continuously. All that is asked on your part is that you REMAIN STEADFAST TO YOUR STUDY—how little a price to pay for the great benefits received! A better investment is simply nonexistent, at any price; for to understand, to conceive the principles of Unarius is a better life, here and hereafter.”

Read the full text of the importance of studying letter. Read how to become a student on Unarius’ website.