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Discover Your Past Lives Presentation at the Lightworkers Meeting

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Unarius representatives Tracey and Kevin Kennedy were invited to speak to a metaphysical group, The Lightworkers, on Thursday, November 1, in La Mesa, California. The topic of how to discover your past lives was well received by the 35 plus attendees who showed plenty of interest during the two-hour presentation. It was exciting to see the participants’ receptivity and the quality and sincerity of their questions and comments. Many of the Lightworkers work and/or volunteer in the metaphysical community as massage therapists, psychics, hypnotherapists, Reiki practitioners, transformational breath helpers, and more. Kevin and Tracey were very happy to be able to share how past-life therapy has changed their life for the better and to discuss the wonderful science and pragmatic understanding of reincarnation that Unarius offers.

“It was amazing to see how receptive they were to Unarius and how many of them had been to the Center before, but now stated they were ready to purchase a book and study the texts!” –Kevin Kennedy


The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

From time to time, Dr. Glenn Piner, Professor of Physics at Whittier College, near Los Angeles, has a class on the “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” and invites a representative from the Unarius Academy of Science to be a guest speaker.  This is a very popular class and always has a waiting list. My most recent talk in Dr. Piner’s class was on April 19, 2012, and once again I had the opportunity to present the Unarius perspective: that we are not alone in the universe and that extraterrestrial Space Brothers know full well of our existence!

Again, I felt the positive energy projections from the Unarius Brotherhood; I experience a great thrill when given the opportunity to speak about one of my favorite subjects.

There are certainly enough interesting, recent advances in the scientific discovery of alien worlds to talk about! NASA’s Kepler probe, on its mission to  search for habitable planets, keeps finding more exoplanets in our galaxy, planets that are known to orbit other star systems. There are more than 200 earth-size candidates that have been found so far!

The last ten minutes or so of my presentation are for questions and answers, and the student’s questions are always interesting. At the end of the talk, I make available The Truth About Mars fliers for those who may have an interest to learn more.

—David Reynolds

Decie Hook Made Her Transition

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Recently, Decie Hook made her transition to the spiritual worlds. She first contacted Unarius in 1976 and throughout her thirty-five years as a student, she supported the Unarius mission in many different ways. Decie attended classes regularly and shared her testimonials of healing, her beautiful visions of the inner worlds, and psychic experiences from having taken part in projects that influenced her life in a positive way.

Most of the beautiful dresses you see Uriel wearing in the videos were designed and sewn by Decie through Uriel’s overshadowing influence. As the head of the costume department, she worked with other students who assisted her in creating the costumes worn by students for the psychodrama filming. She also expressed herself creatively through doing the makeup and hair design for the filming. As a cosmetologist, Decie was able to help Uriel with her hair and wigs, which provided yet another opportunity to work out her negative karma with her spiritual teacher through such a close physical relationship.

Decie was able to overcome many past-life negations this lifetime, moving herself forward in her progressive evolution. Now she is continuing her spiritual education in the classrooms on the inner worlds. So no good-byes, for we just might be attending those same classrooms with her in our sleep-state!

Unariun Student Heads to Africa

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Ekaette & The Reawakening

Ekaette Udo, originally from Nigeria, recently left to visit her family and fellow Unarius students in Africa. Prior to leaving, she was inspired to have several items printed to take to the students. She took 33 mini-banners of the Interplanetary Confederation Star Map, 33 paper posters of the IPC images, a large banner of The Reawakening painting, and three banners of the psychic anatomy diagram. Ekaette wanted them to be lightweight enough to take in her suitcase, which they were. We look forward to seeing pictures of how they are used at Star Center #3.


Unariun Student Visits Star Center Three in Africa

Saturday, November 6th, 2010
A few months ago, Ekaette Udo traveled from El Cajon, California to Africa to visit her family in Nigeria and to visit Star Center Three in Owerri. Despite the challenges of undertaking a five-hour trip, via public transportation, to Owerri, Ekaette did it, and even went back for a second visit along with members of her own family. When she returned last month, she shared details of meeting the members of Center Three, including long-time students Nwabueze Adirije and Ikechucwu Ihemegbulam, in a class session at Star Center One in El Cajon. We all loved hearing about her trip and appreciate her efforts and the connection made with our fellow students in Africa. Here is what Ekaette had to say about her visit with Star Three, as she calls it:

I had a great time visiting Star Three in Nigeria last summer. The first time I went there on a bus and it was a long ride, five hours. I was unable to locate the center right away on Orlu Rd. in Owerri since the sign had been taken down for repair. (The center is housed in a small office on the 2nd floor of a building on Orlu Rd.) When I called Ikechucwu on the phone telling him that I was on Orlu Rd. and unable to find the center, he told me he would be right over to where I was and I should stay put. As I was waiting in front of an electronic store, he came, we greeted, and he quickly notified Nwabueze. He told me we were going to the center right away, which I was really glad to hear; I wanted to see it.

It was really great to meet Nwabueze and Ikechucwu; it felt like reuniting with long-lost family.

Ekaette with Star Three members

As all of  us sat in the center, I showed them the mail, a book, and video I brought from Star One. They were very joyful to see some members of Center One on the video. Both of them wanted to know what happened to Kevin, David, and Deci—why they were not in the video. I thought about it for a second and then I agreed, they’re not in there. Then I realized that Kevin was not in the video because he was filming. I was really impressed that they practically knew everybody at Star One. We shared a lot of great personal experiences about Uriel, Star One’s relationship with Star Three and how Nwabueze had tried numerous times to visit while Uriel was alive but couldn’t. Star Center Three is very small yet there is great energy. Nwabueze, who is called the Moderator by the other students, and Ikechucwu are peaceful, really sharp with their knowledge of the Unarius concepts.It was time for me to depart Owerri to Calabar in the evening. They told me it was getting late and that I should stay. It really didn’t make sense to me that I should stay overnight since I didn’t plan on staying and I didn’t bring a change of clothing. I told them I’ll be fine and that it was only five in the evening and by ten o’clock I should be home or close to being home. Both of them escorted me to the bus station, put me on bus, and off I went. I didn’t get far due to extreme traffic, so by the time I got to where I was supposed to make my connection to Calabar, it was midnight. Most drivers didn’t go my way and some didn’t want to drive on the road at midnight; they told me is not safe. One driver was going my way only in the morning. He told me I could stay on the bus until morning and his driving would start around five a.m. So I stayed on the bus until five in the morning. While I was there, Ikechucwu was calling me all the time to check on me and I told him everything that had happened. His answer was, “Stayed tuned to the Light Brothers; they’re with you.”

Star Center Three

The second visit to Star Three was much smoother. I drove with three family members from AkwaIbom to Owerri on Sunday morning. We left very early in the morning to beat the traffic. When we arrived, the Moderator looked at my family that was with me and told me he believed it was not an accident that a few of my family came with me at this time. Star Three holds their classes on the second Sunday of every month, so we attended the class. Nwabueze told us about his experience with Unarius before becoming the moderator, about members that had made their transition, and current members, including two that were coming from very far away, but that day they were unable to make class.

They were very appreciative about Star One’s support and assistance. They’re planning, hopefully, next year to be able to tune into the Conclave (through the live stream) despite the time difference. They use a generator to get electricity, which is needed to make an Internet connection, and the generator cannot be run all the time.

Before we left they gave us lot of food, drink—seemed like we were having little party. The road was really bad driving home because we made a wrong turn on the way back and ended up on a very bad road, but we got home early and safely.