Classes Streamed Live

Classes Streamed Live

Watch or listen to the live stream of Past-Life Therapy classes, held at the New World Teaching Center in
El Cajon, California, on Sundays & Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30 p.m.

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Founders of Unarius

Founders of Unarius

In 1954, Cosmic Visionaries
Ernest L. and Ruth E.
Norman established the
Unarius Educational
Foundation to provide a
higher spiritual understanding of life
for the betterment of humankind

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Who are these Extraterrestrials?

"Am I, the one who speaks to you, an extraterrestrial? What is an extraterrestrial being? To answer the latter question is to answer the first, second, and third parts of this question!

"Terrestrials are quotients of an infinite force. You and I and all people who are living through a physical body are tasting the great effulgence of the Infinite Creative Intelligence that lives within each individual from a particular vantage point from which we can see it, taste it, touch it and feel it. Of more importance is man's ability to gauge the experience, to qualify and digest his experience, so he leaves behind the dross and keeps what is immortalthat which contains and carries the higher energy quotients that are interdimensional in their content and nature.

"Terrestrial man is really a spiritual being who is beginning to attain his spiritual legs. He is a child who is learning to walk. His ability to walk is a first development on a terrestrial planet; here he learns to develop the basic engineering of the physical anatomy.

"The next step is the development of another aspect, his spiritual nature. His spiritual nature truly is begun towards the end of his physical evolution. In other words, after the animal has learned to secure itself from the forces of the hostile environment, to keep its form intact as man, and after he has had sufficient of the genetic fulfillments of the earth, he begins to quest for a higher substance of himself. That is the beginning of Homo sapiens!

"Man, as Homo sapiens is a sapient being, a more intelligent being. Then there begins a new and higher development: how to live without the genetic, biological functions so as to become more than a terrestrial man. He will become a spiritual man, an astral man. Man on terrestrial planes is in that formative stage where he has emerged from the animal state and is beginning a new development.

"The next development will be of the spiritual man. He will become aware of the mental part of himself that has not yet quite gained its spiritual legs but which state of development is being attained through the many incursions of living from life to life on some one or another of the earth planets.

"A terrestrial man is a young spiritual person. Of course, there are many young spiritual people. Some are wiser and more intelligent; some are lacking in intelligence and have failed their school grades. There are many hundreds or yes, thousands, millions or billions of individuals who are going through this learning stage. There are also hundreds, thousands, millions, yes billions of planets that are on the primary school level. These planets are the schoolrooms in which individuals and society as a whole are experiencing the evolutionary pattern of learning, developmental stages through which they emerge from the cocoon as the multi-colored butterflies.

"This establishes the fact that there are people living who are moving through these patterns of life and who have gained different degrees of development. There are many species of butterflies and there are many species of Homo sapiens. These many species are the Infinite, recreated into the finite! This is an infinite proposition. The finite is infinite in its finiteness; the Infinite is infinite in its finiteness. Each individual species, as a whole, as they regenerate, adds to and establishes the basic principle of Infinity.

"A terrestrial being, therefore, is one who is going through his evolutionary development to become Homo spiritualis. And, this is where we come in! We are those individuals who are members of, or shall we say students of, a larger family. We have attained an evolutionary development whereby we have made an extraterrestrial contact to a nonatomic level from an atomic form.

"It is simply because we have developed the ability to present a more advanced exemplification of our spiritual nature and the continuity of ourselves, individually and as a whole, the spiritual pattern of ourselves living on one or more of the terrestrial planets in this Milky Way Galaxy, that we are able to make these swift voyages, through light-years, to visit and make all necessary and proper contacts with individuals who are open and receptive to learning these more highly evolved and progressive tenets and who are willing to also leave behind trace patterns of our contact in the memory patterns of men.

"We are members of an interplanetary society, a confederation of planets. Because we function on a higher mental level, we have the contact with a higher order of men a Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings. There are many hierarchies in the developmental stages of man, in both the physical, the astral, the Spiritual, and the Celestial realms. We function from a hierarchial pattern, an administration which is responsible for the evolutionary progression of man on a hundred thousand galaxies. We are, therefore, part of a universal Life Force properly known at this time in the 20th century as a Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science Unarius.

"As life is a science, we are a Universal Brotherhood of the Science of Life. To be a member of this Brotherhood would establish an individual as an other-than-terrestrial being. It is our purpose, as it is with others who are awakening man by the different ways in which they are functioning from other planetary systems, to prepare man for this change in the planetary consciousness of your Earth.

"So, much has been done to accomplish the awakening of man to the realization that he is not an individual, separated by time and space! He is not an individual separated by distance, but by differences in states of consciousness while he is living on a terrestrial planet. He cannot grow spiritually until he realizes the tremendous power he carries within himthat is carried by him as he addresses himself to his day-to-day life existence!

"Every thought, every act that is the extroverted extension of a thought, has great meaning and force within the community of mankind. No wonder, then, that your planet has been known by many different names: the Dark Planet, the Insane Planet of the Robots. It is no wonder then that there is such a high incidence of crime, of mental and physical disease, and war has been considered to be an occupation of a respected nature! No wonder that you have gone astray and have become a derelict planet, for you did not question your right to think in a positive manner towards any and all people who crossed your sword or entered your barricade. In this, you had separated yourself from your brothers! You had isolated yourself from your very close family members to be free, in your ignorance, to think what you wish, not realizing the great wreckage you have left on the path of these destructive thoughts!

"It is taking and will continue to take a great traumatic force to awaken the peoples of your world to the reality that what is happening some distance from him, in another nation, is happening to him as well. There is not one action that can be isolated or that does not touch the mind, the physical and psychic body of an individual.

"For this reason, the people of your Earth are being awakened to the reality that there are friendly humans knocking on the door to awaken him from the lethargy of his isolation. He must be alerted to his personal responsibility as a human being, so that he can emerge into a higher state of consciousness to realize the great potential he can exercise and the good he can offer his fellowman!

"If you think that you, alone, cannot assert much force or that your individual acts will not be effective to your societies as a whole, you are not correct! In pursuing that attitude or theory, you are ignorant of the great interdimensional Force that moves and recreates your physical and psychic anatomy! This is the awakening process with which we extraterrestrials are deeply involved. We are only as far away as your close friend. We are as close to you as the individual sitting beside you, speaking to you.

"You see! We are transmitters, even as you are, and we are also receivers, as are you, too! But we have learned of the electronic code which enables us, at will, to raise our telephone receiver and dial the proper code to reach any part of this Interplanetary Confederation, which is now in the making. That brings up another point, for those who are not aware of the preparations for a landing of extraterrestrial or spacecraft from 32 atomic planets!

"This is the proper time and the place to introduce you to our purpose, which, of course, will be your purpose from this time on. There is documentary evidence, and much that has been laid at your doorstep, for you to begin to realize the reality of life lived in differentperhaps sometimes strange to you yet similar social orders of men.

"The phrase `extraterrestrial phenomenon' will change when it is understood that terrestrial beings are not necessarily `extra' nor are they a phenomenon! In the same manner that you think of individuals living thousands of miles away on some other part of your planet and whom you, through forms of transportation and communication have contacted in moments using computers, through wireless or by aircraft, it will be that you, too, will experience the new communication and newer forms of transportation in which planets that are light-years from earth can be visited, in a matter of a few hours similarly to the time it would take you to arrive in China or other parts of your earth planet.

"The Interplanetary Confederation is not an imaginary development thought up by some author; it has been in the planning stage, directed by the Spiritual Hierarchy. These Hierarchial Forces, Higher Archangels of the Angelic Forces are Beings who have evolved beyond the terrestrial state and beyond the astral states of consciousness. They are evolved souls who are integrated with their own Infinite Intelligence.

"They have become `Infinitely Minded' for they have integrated the terrestrial and the astral, with the Causal and Celestial bodies of themselves and have become a Whole Light! They are the Higher Angelic Beings who are the Light that shines from the Inner Realms, carrying a great directive Force for aspiring man!

"This Light, of course, is not only the light you receive from the sun, but it is the substance of the entire make-up of the electromagnetic plasma itself. It is the integrated interrelationship of the electronic pulse beats of energy that rings through the animal, mineral, vegetable, plant kingdom and, into the developmental bodies of terrestrial men!

"Because of our development, evolutionary-wise, we correspondingly have touched upon the spiritual nature of our mental consciousness and have been able to communicate with and to ratify the development of this plan of union for terrestrial planets!

"It is a plan that is not isolated to only one galaxy, for the plan is correspondingly taking place on the hundred thousand galaxies that are spread throughout the universe!

"However, as man is more correctly a part of and functions within the one galaxy known as the Milky Way, and as we are your Brothers from planets of this Interplanetary Confederation 32 in number, to become 33 upon the inclusion of planet Earth we must have and we will continue to make this contact of an extraterrestrial nature, through the means at hand, which are beyond the physics of your earth science.

"Through man's sighting of spacecraft or `Flying Saucers,' as they have been called, we are able to work with the individual, once he has broken through the fog of his material overlay to realize that he is not only a genetic creature of his physical anatomy!

"The Brothers of the Universal Brotherhood, Unarius, are scouting the entire galaxy of which you and I are a part and are touching those minds who have awakened from the deep slumber of their past. We work from many different vantage points. Some persons need physical evidence before they can believe in their own interdimensional nature. They, in the quiet hours, tune in through their own higher Self, to receive various proofs of contact with the higher order of mankind!

"Many people call this mental function in which individuals are contacted in their out-of-body periods as when they are asleep, by many namesastral projection, psychokinesis, levitation, or perhaps inspiration; but there are those who must have physical evidence, who must experience the trauma, in essence, before they can blow away the fog that has obscured their vision. This fog is generated by the acceptance of the atomic picture of life only.

"Many of the sightings of spacecraft, documented throughout your earth world, have been sightings of a psychic nature. That is to say, these individuals did not see a physical craft, a spaceship which they could touch, which they could enter into, which they could experience on a five-sense level. In truth, even though such individuals have participated in various experiences to which they would attest on oath that they physically experienced contact and spoke to such-and-such individuals, they were not in their physical consciousness! This is the real learning of man, that he is not a physical being and that his true being is of another form and pattern through which he can sense higher frequencies where the pattern resembles or is conceived as having physical substance.

"Although our spacecraft are made of physical elements, of atomic elements, yet these are atomic elements that have not yet been fabricated by the scientists of your Earth. The spacecraft that many individuals have sighted and experienced are of an entirely different caliber, and they take on a different substance and create a different sensation to the individual through his mind.

"What you cannot conceive on one level you must therefore conceive on another level. Nonetheless, we have physical bodies and we live on a physical planet, but of a much higher calibration.

"So how then can the evidence of life forms that cannot, at this point in time, be visited by your space probes or by your spacecraft be validated? They can only be validated, on the whole, for the people of a terrestrial planet, on the level of each individual's own present mental development!

"We, the spiritual leaders of the thirty-three planet Confederation, plan to land our craft upon your Earth at a very auspicious moment, a time when there is a conjunction or a parallax, not of planets, but a parallax in the orderly cyclic movement of this great Cosmic Intelligence, as it has demodulated itself in the electromagnetic wave forms that surround all sun bodies.

"Yet, in spite of the fact that many people of Earth will be able to see us, touch us, hear us and enter into the spacecraft, there will be many who will not be able to conceive such an act, such a fact, and will believe this to be unreal a fantasy! On the whole, those individuals who have been separated from their own spiritual intelligence are individuals who are moving in a backward motion and cannot reincarnate on an astral planet such as Earth is becoming.


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