Classes Streamed Live

Classes Streamed Live

Watch or listen to the live stream of Past-Life Therapy classes, held at the New World Teaching Center in
El Cajon, California, on Sundays & Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30 p.m.

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Founders of Unarius

Founders of Unarius

In 1954, Cosmic Visionaries
Ernest L. and Ruth E.
Norman established the
Unarius Educational
Foundation to provide a
higher spiritual understanding of life
for the betterment of humankind

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The Landing of Spaceships on Earth

"But for the most part, the change that will accompany the actual sighting, through reception of television pictures as well as the actual factual tour of the spaceship, will change the accompanying atmosphere of doubt, disbelief, and so forth. The reason will be that, those individuals who have been working for many, many years to wake up man; those individuals who have functioned in the communities in the space societies and who have been working silently, behind the scenes, will have helped to change the psychological current, the atmosphere of planet Earth, as to the reality of space being occupied by other human beings on other terrestrial planets.

"Although there is yet a vestige of much that is supernatural and surrealistic, there is a basic platform being developed, a foundation that has grown on the evidence of thousands of different individual experiences. This has ratified and validated the probability that we can come to your planet and will do so. Suffice to say, the memories of any individual are not changed in such a short time, because of the disasters that have occurred and the emotional experiences that have been suffered and lived by many Earth people.

"There is a certain foreboding by some who have either lost their lives through space wars or who have been the force for terrorizing the people on isolated planets. They will not want to know of the reality of their nightmares, the dreams that they have had throughout their lives, and yes, since childhood!

"But this is not what we wish to leave you with. We wish to explain that human beings live on countless planets similar to Earth. They also have worked through the problems which are natural to man in his terrestrial abode, and have had to overcome the stresses and the strains of coming to grips with their true humanness, learning of the basic spiritual denominator that ties all mankind together. We are all part of the great body of the Cosmic Mind. We are all unified in this binding Force which is the Light that recreates and generates our day-to-day existence in the terrestrial body.

"This Light can be widened through the aperture of a new cycle. The planet, as a family of children, is arriving at a new destination, where mankind will depart from the old ways, from material concern, and be able, in a concerted fashion, to develop the higher intelligence that lies within the higher mental circuitry within his psychic body. To know of these things, will mean a complete and totally new educational curriculum. In this educational reform, those of us who have validated and verified this way of spiritual living in our worlds will help man and woman on all levels in which life is lived.

"We will not interfere nor state that `we said so!' We will be your Brothers willingly answering questions and working together with you to remove the strains of diseases that have stained your earth bodies, to replace those energies with the clean atmosphere of Intelligence which knows of no contradiction; knows no dissidence but provides a happily married state of union between the existence in a terrestrial body and the spiritual body.

"To be joined in the understanding of the union of the material and the spiritual is the new Spiritual Renaissance of Man. This state of development has been known of and anticipated for many millions of years by the Celestial Beings who overshadow and direct all human beings, particularly those who are functioning as leaders of a fraternity of men and a fraternity of planets who are pressing forward toward the time, when there will be a joining with the higher orders of spirit through the questing of terrestrial man.

"Therefore, in conclusion, extraterrestrial phenomena are part of an orderly progression of development, through which mankind is being awakened to the reality of planets within and without his own solar system. His telescopes and the probes of his spacecraft signal the desire of all mankind to know of and to realize his potential to attain immortality!

"This is not a phenomenon; it is progression, cyclically speaking, to a point where man has graduated to another level, one where his eyes will see, not only from the physical evidence of the atom, but the evidence of his mind, his inner self, which is his heart.

"He will know, without doubt that he, a terrestrial man has been changed when he knows that he and his brother and sister on another planet are of the same family! He will know, without a doubt, when he clasps the hand of a Brother or a Sister from another planet, that he will have joined himself as a representative of one planet to another. He will have corrected that misrepresentation and explained the anomaly that has been known as a `phenomenon' because there are no phenomena!

"Phenomena are the outward reflections of an interdimensional movement of energy is it is reflected through the minute atom, and in colossal sun bodies, demodulated into the daily life of mankind on some planet. Phenomena are the evidence of the experiential patterns of man as he moves through the dark tunnel of death to emerge into the blinding white Light of Life, which is the constancy of the Immortal Fire that is man's inexhaustible reality!

"Know then, that you, yourself, are extraterrestrial beings! Other people on other planets who have been in your state, think likewise toward you, and toward all other planetary systems. Other civilizations of mankind have gone through the same process in this recognition of their desire to know what lies beyond their small planet. They have grown and have matured and now are a participle in the developing intelligence of Homo sapiens that is the emerging pattern of this Milky Way Galaxy.

"Planet Earth has a history of such a nature that it had been selected to be the 33rd Planet of the Interplanetary Confederation. Therefore, it is important that you be piloted to your position and take a part in this orderly movement of life that will form a star pattern!

"A star which contains thirty-three basic facets is no happenstance. It is a regeneration from the higher Celestial planes, manifesting its Intelligence to provide the evolutionary growth for a transformation of terrestrial life forms, to become a unified pattern of planets for their next evolutionary development into astral planets.

"Therefore you will see, as you become cognizant of the reality of the interdimensional nature of the Father, how it is that there is no separation of any one facet of the Intelligence of the Father! All organic and inorganic forms move in their orderly pattern mineral, animal, plant and man moving up the ladder of evolution and changing into higher isotopic forms.

"How could anyone learn of the reality of his own generic composition as a Light form, other than by experiencing all aspects of this Light form in its developmental state? As a child begins to learn to breathe, to walk, to stand, and run, through his experiences on Earth, so does man learn of his astral nature, which is the next state in his evolution, so does man learn of the more realistic nature of his Light body.

"Extraterrestrial craft or spacecraft are the realities of the joining of planets, one to another. Spacecraft themselves, are a valid statement of the higher developmental intelligence of such terrestrial beings who have been married to a higher mental state. Then, of course, the next and higher level is the further objective and motivation. For we who know that there is no ending of the varied and sundry life forms, it is our purpose, in learning and experiencing, to validate our own interdimensional nature and the immortal stuff of which we have been created.

"Let us leave you then, with this last statement! Your consciousness either separates you from the reality of your sentient nature as a being of intelligence of an Infinite quality, or it integrates you to the extent that you are receiving the signals of those individuals in varying levels of life. You are the winner, by the very fact that you have stabilized the reality of your consciousness and have accepted yourself as more than a finite physical anatomy. You have verified the Spirit of which you are, and which motivates your physical body. Hence you become all things to all people.

"In this respect, you can generate faith by your own knowledge. You can generate the higher patterns of intelligences which then circulate within your psychic anatomy. You, therefore, become a higher note, a filament that reaches a greater brilliance, and which can be felt through the inner nature of all mankind, for each and every individual is striving for his own immortality.

"When one reunites himself with the Life Force, his lamp is lit! This Light will never be extinguished; it will grow, radiating an even greater Light into each and every successive day, year and lifetime that you live. You see, you then have been connected up in series with the Powerhouse and therefore your filament is now lighted - not for a moment, but continuously! You are connected to the Infinite Creative Intelligence through your own higher Self, to which you have learned to become attuned.

"We hope this answers some of the questions of many individuals in their desire to know the meaning of extraterrestrial phenomenon.

"Thank you. Your Brother in Truth, Alta of Planet Vixall."


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